Management Corner

What to do with the unknown

By Bernie Linnartz
For The Taos News
Posted 2/7/18

When we turn on the news, unique and curious events are happening near to us and around the world.

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Management Corner

What to do with the unknown


When we turn on the news, unique and curious events are happening near to us and around the world. Within our environment and our political and social worlds, things are happening that are new to us. These things are largely out of our control, yet the impact of these unknowns can challenge how we live and work.

What are your thoughts and feelings about unknowns? Do they cause you concern or do you welcome them?

Dr. Joe Dispenza, whom you may have seen in the recent movie, "Heal," encourages us to welcome and embrace the unknowns. He states that unknowns are opportunities and are part of the path toward creating who we are and achieving our full potential.

Let's consider our daily life and work regarding unknowns. Each day at home or work, things happen that are unexpected. A phone call interrupts us, our computer crashes, the car begins to operate erratically or an amazing opportunity presents itself.

Last week, we had a friend over for dinner and all of a sudden, a woman walks through our front door thinking that she was entering the public facility across the street. She and we, immediately experienced a surprise, the unknown.

Unless you operate by appointment, you probably don't know how many customers will come into your business or how many calls you will receive. Our snowfall this year is a mystery, an unknown.

What are we to do with the unknown elements of fun surprises, accidents, disclosures and curious events? Here are some thoughts for you to ponder:

Expect unknowns: As we accept and learn that we are living in a new and different world, we can begin to understand that the unknowns are now regular elements of our life experience. It's not that we didn't have unknowns before. It is the frequency and magnitude of the events and their impact on our lives and the whole world that is different. Surprises are here and many more are coming.

Welcome and embrace: Just as Dr. Dispenza encourages, we can take on an attitude of having an open door and an expectant mind-set of the endless opportunities that are before us. Imagine the difference between arms and hands pushing something or someone away or arms out with welcoming hands ready to give a hug to the unknowns that come to us. Which would you rather experience?

Plan and prepare: You can prepare for the unexpected. Become self-sufficient at home and within your neighborhood. Gather basic resources. Use your imagination with a creative and thankful heart.

Reflect, research and learn: When unknown, challenging things happen, take adequate time to reflect and assess using common sense. Be proactive versus reactive. Do research to better understand the unknowns. Take the unknowns as opportunities to be life-long-learning adventures.

Enjoy the unknowns.

Bernie Linnartz, of Empowerment Experts, is a consultant, coach and facilitator of individuals, teams, families and organizations. Comments, questions and suggested topics are welcome. Cell (575) 770-4712 or email


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