Lose weight simply


Get serious
By getting serious, I mean make it a goal that you want to lose weight. Be clear about how much you want to lose and also identify the reasons why you want to lose weight. The clearer you are about your goals and underlying reasons, the easier it will be to stick to your plan 

Set specific parameters
Some examples may be: “I want to lose 20 pounds so I can fit into my wedding dress by September,” or “I want to be able to run a 10k in less than 1 hour next spring,” or “I want to be able to find the energy to work out three times a week.” Whatever your goal, make it as tangible and specific as possible. Your goal may relate to your health: “I want to get off my blood pressure medication by summer.” “Losing weight will help me regain my energy and exercising will help me get to my goal,” or “I want to be able to sleep eight hours every night so I can function optimally during the day and lose those extra pounds.” In fact, losing weight may just be your strategy toward improving your health.

Get started
The next step is to plan how to make your goal a reality. Seeking help from a healthcare practitioner well versed in weight management, medical matters and fitness can help save you time and money, especially if they take your insurance. Beside encouraging you, they can objectively evaluate what you can achieve and what you shouldn’t undertake. If you have chronic pain and have difficulty moving your body, the pain may be coming from inflammation associated with an infection or bad dietary choices. Your practitioner can guide you through a detox program, which will result in making your body more efficient and give you more energy. By improving energy and metabolism, you will feel better and can start shedding the extra pounds.

Your goal(s) should be realistic, too
If you work the graveyard shift, then training for a marathon is not realistic. But, if your goal is to get off the couch when you come home from work, then signing up for a 5-kilometer run is very feasible.

Weight loss and your health
If you suffer from high blood pressure, have a family history of heart disease and are overweight, then seeking help from a qualified health care practitioner versed in fitness is critical and can lead to amazing results.


Dr. Caroline Colonna is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine practicing acupuncture, herbal therapy, nutrition, and lifestyle medicine at the Willow Clinic in El Prado. A triathlete since 2000, she turned professional in off-road triathlon in 2011.


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