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Editorial: Taos News honors unsung heroes

For the 18th year, The Taos News honored a group of volunteers and community leaders who endeavor to make life better for everyone in Taos County. These Unsung Heroes are women and men from …

Editorial: Time for DA to retire

Donald Gallegos needs to retire. The 8th Judicial District Attorney is tired. He’s said as much both in words and in actions.
Land and Water Conservation Fund

Editorial: Celebrate, protect trails

Trails are good for economic development. A solid network of trails can attract outdoor recreationists, and their money, to spend in nearby communities.

Editorial: Expand Healthcare Compare, applauding The PASEO

Recently, the New Mexico Department of Health launched a website called NM Healthcare Compare. It lists nine procedures and compares the price 44 hospitals in the state, including Taos, bill Medicaid …

Editorial: Help Stray Hearts

Stray Hearts Animal Shelter is charging a fee to people who surrender their pets voluntarily but not to people who bring in strays.
Letter to the editor

Letter: Save the Blue Bus. Vote

When I moved here in 2007, one of the essential elements that I'd checked out ahead of time is the presence of public transportation since I am a stroke survivor without a car. I've used the Blue Bus …

Letter: U.S. 64 at Blueberry Hill needs traffic light

On Wednesday, around noon on Sept. 26, I was stopped on U.S. 64 West waiting to turn left onto Blueberry Hill road, brakes employed and blinker on. I live on Blueberry Hill and am often at this …

Letter: Bravo for The Paseo

 If there were ever unsung heroes in Taos, they are Matt Thomas and Agnes Chavez, co-creators of The Paseo. Because of their foresight bearing fruit, thousands of people crawled Taos’ …

Letter: Power outages not quaint

To the editor: September 16, 3:25 a.m. Power failure, Blinking into a pitch-black kitchen. The moon came up. September 17, 4:49 a.m. Power failure. The wind blew. Or it rained, or snowed; the …

Letter: Remembering compassion, resilience post 9/11

The image of two towers engulfed in smoke is imprinted in my memory. Nervous talk about the importance of the towers and the threat this event has created was emphasized by reporters, constant video …
My Turn
My Turn

Opinion: To protect upper Río Fernando, remove cattle

In Joe Zupan's My Turn (The Taos News, Aug. 9-15), he strongly criticized what he called my "escalating" concerns about the work of Amigos Bravos. But my position about the upper Río Fernando …
My Turn

Opinion: Cancer Support Services needs help to help the community

The wheel of life turns, and the art of giving and receiving moves through all our lives as one of our sacred lessons. It teaches us compassion, empathy, and if we are lucky, generosity to express …
Tina Larkin/file photoStudent Oscar Hone loads his bike onto the front of the Blue Bus outside of UNM-Taos Klauer Campus in 2015. The bus serves people around Northern New Mexico. Voters will be asked in the November election to approve or decline a bond for continued funding for the service.
My Turn

Opinion: The NCRTD Blue Bus is a service that benefits all of us

Many of us have seen and used the "Blue Buses" in and around Taos County, but not many know the history or significance of this system.The North Central Regional Transit District is home to the Blue …
Jodi Porter
My Turn

Opinion: October is breast cancer awareness month

Every October I’m reminded that I am a breast cancer survivor. I forget sometimes although it has changed me and other survivors I know physically, mentally and emotionally …
October 9 White House Facebook post reads: "Supreme Court Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh has received widespread support from leaders across all levels of government, as well as distinguished figures in the policy and advocacy communities." https://bit.ly/2yyCz8t
My Turn

Opinion: The end of an era spurs fear among some

I can tell you first hand as a white male that those men who have done their own work, which might parallel the strides of the women's movement, are few and far between.The inherent problem is that …
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