In the kitchen
ShutterstockThe real centerpiece of most Thanksgiving dinners is the turkey.

The perfect turkey

The real centerpiece of most Thanksgiving dinners is the turkey. While some might wish for a different entree, for the majority, Thanksgiving would simply not be Thanksgiving without …
Wine column

What to drink with your Thanksgiving dinner

Believe it or not, four Thanksgivings have passed since I started writing about wine for the Taos News, yet I have never written a wines for Thanksgiving column. For a holiday that is all about …
In the Kitchen

Harissa: An indispensable seasoning

Harissa, a bright-red chile-based sauce or paste, is most closely associated with Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria, but this indispensable seasoning got its start right here in …
Home & Garden
The energy lab at the Energy Smart Academy at Santa Fe Community College where students learn to conduct energy ratings and weatherize homes.
Home and garden

Creating a warm and energy-efficient home on a tight budget

November has already brought colder temperatures. A warm and comfortable house can make the coming winter a cozy and pleasant experience. But for those with …
Courtesy photo Sarah Nelson A male evening grosbeak pays Northern New Mexico a visit recently.
Home and garden

Grosbeaks: Here one day, gone the next

Evening grosbeaks are stunning, stocky birds and you'll know it if you see one in your backyard. They aren't loyal backyard visitors though. Evening grosbeaks are an …
Photo by Al SchneiderTamarisk, aka salt cedar, Tamarix chinensis. Several species were introduced hundreds of years ago and proved to be invaders that clog waterways and crowd out native plant species.
Wonderful world of native plants

Apply for a Native Plant Society grant; enrich your environment

The subject is money. Relax, it's not about yours but about the grants awarded by the Native Plant Society of New Mexico from the Jack and Martha Carter Conservation Fund. Thanks to generous donations …
Health & fitness
ShutterstockKeep emergency supplies on hand in your vehicle and in your home.
Health and Fitness

Are you prepared to stay safe and sound in an emergency?

Staying healthy and fit means being prepared when there's a natural or man-made disaster.Last weekend's snowstorm was a reminder to stay prepared for …
Health and Fitness

How can you manage diabetes, addiction and pain without drugs?

Caring for the whole person is the mission of Taos Whole Health Integrative Care. The healthcare practice was founded in April 2017 to help identify and correct …

How old am I?

On Nov. 18, I will celebrate 82 years on earth. Is my body slowing down? Sure. I don't run up and down the stairs as fast as I used to, but I'm very agile and healthy and I don't have any chronic …
Great outdoors
Great Outdoors

Woodcutting 101 – Do's and don'ts for wood collecting

Snow is on the ground, the cold has set in and November is almost done. But if your woodpile isn’t quite big enough to get you through the winter — or show off your woodcutting chops …
Courtesy photoThe new high-speed Lift 1 is a quad chair that elevates its passengers up the mountain in a brisk five minutes, cutting the chair ride's duration almost in half.

Fly to the top of Al's Run

"We think this may be the only lift in the country where directly out of the base area, you can access greens, blue, blacks and double-blacks."
Cindy BrownDiablo Canyon intersects with the Río Grande. The canyon is popular with hikers, horseback riders, runners and rock climbers.
Great Outdoors

Fall Hiking: Diablo Canyon

As the weather cools, trails at lower elevations offer a chance to see the last of the golden leaves and have a final fall picnic in the sun. One option for a fall hike is Diablo Canyon found …
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