In the kitchen
The beauty of spatchcocking a chicken is that it holds together and is super easy to grill.

Curried Spatchcock Chicken made easy

The word “spatchcock” has become popular all of a sudden. On both coasts, spatchcock chicken is offered on menus as though it is a new innovation. You can …
ShutterstockVineyards near Chateau Chalon, Departement Jura, Franche-Comte, France
Wine column

Jura wines hard to find, worth the hunt

There's an old saying that goes, if the wines of Burgundy and the wines of Switzerland had a baby, they would be the wines of Jura.Actually, that's not a saying at all, I just made it up. But the …
ShutterstockFish sauce
In the Kitchen

Spice up food with fish sauce

Garum, a furiously funky sauce made from anchovies and other tiny fish fermented with salt, has been called both "the ketchup of the ancient world" and "the great-grandfather …
Home & Garden
Courtesy photoLesser goldfinch

Catch a glimpse of a lesser goldfinch

Lesser goldfinches are in Northern New Mexico all during nesting season, but their population really exploded in late August. Young goldfinches fledged and activity …
Chris Pieper throws a handful of freshly harvested Yukon Gold potatoes onto a pile Thursday (Sept. 6) at his farm in Arroyo Seco. Pieper experimented with growing potatoes in wood chips for the first time this summer and said this method has been the least energy intensive and most water-efficient method he has ever used.
Home & Garden

You say potato, they say potatoes

Regenerative agriculture is an approach to farming that enriches the soil rather than depleting it.
Curtis ClarkAñil del muerto can be poisonous to livestock but has many medicinal uses for people.

Herb of the month: Golden crownbeard, goldweed

Añil del muerto, a plant with bright yellow flowers and blue-green leaves, begins blooming near the end of July and throughout most of August in Northern New Mexico.
Health & fitness
Courtesy photoStudents learn to stretch and breathe during yoga classes at Aurafitness, which also offers classes in Tai Chi and Qigong.
Health and fitness

Aurafitness focuses on mind, body well-being

Aurafitness in Taos is a sanctuary for mind and body. The yoga studio feels calming with its soothing green colors, plants, textiles and natural light filling the room. …
"We are the new 'late bloomers.' We are in our prime, all juiced up, asking, 'What do I want to do with the rest of my life? What makes me happy?'"

The new 'Late Bloomers'

If you are 50 or older, you're probably already part of a very exciting cultural movement. I, and others, have been giving voice to this movement in which people past a certain age no longer expect …
Photo courtesy International Mountain Medicine CenterA University of New Mexico mountain medicine student assesses a simulated patient. The university is one of only a handful that offers an international diploma in mountain medicine.

Stay safe, get found, learn mountain medicine

With the waning of summer, nature beckons us outside ever more urgently. Locals and visitors are hearing the call and getting outside to camp, hike, bike, fish, hunt and gather …
Great outdoors
Trifid Nebula in late August.

Trifid Nebula star nursery in the constellation Sagittarius the Archer

The word "trifid" comes from the Latin word "trifidus," which means to split into three parts. That's a fitting name for this gas and dust cloud that's split three ways by dark, dense …
Photo by Peter LivingstoneDan Carter and Peter Livingstone, both experienced long-distance hikers and ultrarunners, set out in early September to explore and map the 500-mile Río Grande Trail border to border in New Mexico.
Great outdoors

Rio Grande Trail: Putting a 500-mile path on the ground

At the beginning of the month, two members of the Southern New Mexico Trail Alliance headed south from the Colorado-New Mexico state line. They were starting a month-long odyssey to …
View from the top of the ridge to Wheeler Peak on October 2, 2016.

Job openings with Carson NF

The agency has regular and summer season 2019 positions open. The pay ranges from volunteer only up to $24 an hour depending on the position.
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