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The psychology of illness and trauma

Western medicine and ancient masters have finally agreed that the mind influences all aspects of health and well being.

From apples to apps

Consumers are becoming more and more interested in and educated about what they're eating

Breaking the silence

Trained facilitator and certified peer support worker Brenda Steele introduced Taos to Breaking the Silence in the fall of 2016. After completing her training in Albuquerque, Steele became the program's Northern New Mexico coordinator.

Basic first aid

Whether you're heading on a hike or hanging out in the yard, here are some basic tips.

Taking an earth walk

A personal essay describes the mission of Earth Walk Medicine.

Integrative Medicine de Taos

The olden days when you called your family doctor with a problem and he said, “Take two aspirin and call me in the morning,” are gone.

Of hemp and health

Her name is Kristin DiFerdinando, but she's better known as Gemma Ra'Star, the brains, heart and energy behind Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary …

Never, ever give up

Diana L. Martinez-Hernández struggled with morbid obesity all her life, but now she is hitting her stride. On March 20, with tears of joy and near disbelief, the 54-year-old newlywed sat at …
Jean Ellis-Sankari, founder of the Holistic Health and Haling Arts program at the University of New Mexico (UNM)-Taos.

Teaching holistic health care

“It is healing for the whole person. The idea that each of us is an important partner in our own health care. There is an emphasis on prevention, education and our natural ability to …

Lose weight simply

Get seriousBy getting serious, I mean make it a goal that you want to lose weight. Be clear about how much you want to lose and also identify the reasons why you want to lose weight. The clearer you …
The staff at Taos Whole Health.

Best of both worlds

      The ancient aphorism, “Physician, heal thyself” is something Dr. Lilly-Marie Blecher and Dr. Joanna Hooper have brought full circle. After experiencing their …
Ana D'Agrosa does kettlebell squats during warm-ups at her CrossFit class.

CrossFit: Best shape of your life

        CrossFit is a unique combination of collaboration and competition. But it is mostly about starting wherever you are and challenging yourself to do better and …
A client receive acupuncture treatment at Inside Out Recovery.

Taos' Inside Out Recovery

Inside one of the small alcoved rooms at the far end of Cabot Plaza in Taos, Kathy Sutherland- Brauw, founder of Inside Out Recovery, and peer support worker Bob Johnson open their doors each week to …
Ellen Wood

Brain 'food'

I use daily practices to reverse early Alzheimer’s. I continue to practice these action steps to keep the Alzheimer’s gene I inherited in the “off” position.   To …
Sonya Costanza showing a back-care yoga stretch.

Office asana

It’s 11 a.m., you’ve been at your desk since 8:30 a.m. and the rest of the day stretches out for what seems like another 12 hours. And you haven’t even had lunch! Stop. Stand at …

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