• Tradiciones – Leyendas 2019

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The orphaned black bear cub rescued by the Snowballs crew from Taos Pueblo who recovered from his burns to become the face of an ad campaign to prevent fire fires.

Finding Smokey

It was a typical spring day in 1950 for a fire tower operator in New Mexico’s Capitan Mountains in Lincoln National Forest near Alamogordo. Then everything changed. He spotted smoke wafting …
From the birth of the United States until the 1800s the fur trade was in the forefront of American industry. Beaver pelts were made into women’s coats, collars and hats made from beaver. Trapper David Meriwether left Kentucky for Northern New Mexico to cash in.

The trials and triumphs of David Meriwether

Struggling with scant provisions through the rugged Taos wilderness, a 19-year-old Kentucky fur trapper and his Black servant wondered if they would ever reach American civilization alive after being freed in 1819 from imprisonment in Santa Fe.

‘Greek George’: a wanted man, a slippery escape

Alleged hired killer of Alfred Bent over land grant concocts disappearing act, double-crosses desperado
Allied Forces land on Attu Island, May 11, 1943    "There was nothing fancy about this meal prepared by sailors in the Holtz Bay on May 19, but the food was hot. Note the ski standing upright in the foreground. Snow can be found year-round on Attu Island." states the original caption.
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Leyendas: The deep breadth of Taos' history

Whether it be an 1865 murder gone unpunished; a young fur trapper captured by Mexican troops, in-prisoned and then banished only to return to New Mexico as a territorial governor; a pair of seemingly out-of-place stone pillars with possible ties to the Knights Templar...

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