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Morgan Timms/Taos News.Bennie Romero was instantly attracted to his future wife, Edna, and her entire family. He observed how different they were from any family he had ever known. ‘They said grace at every meal.’
Unsung Heroes 2019

Unsung Hero: Bennie and Edna Romero

There’s no state or government agency a person can call when they need someone to hold their hand through fear, suffering, pain or loss. For such intimate and personal support, the mechanisms …
Morgan Timms/Taos News.For artist and gallery owner Rob Nightingale, local philanthropy isn’t self-serving by any strectch of the imagination. It’s about doing the right thing.
Unsung Heroes 2019

Unsung Hero: Rob Nightingale

Selflessness isn’t usually something people advertise. It’s not like people who are generous and compassionate wear their virtue on their sleeves. But these are people we need. They help …
Morgan Timms/Taos News.Children’s programs on Fridays is one of Sharon Nicholson’s creations at the Questa Public Library. ‘She’s always looking ofr what she can do to interest them,’ said former Questa Mayor Esther Garcia who nominated Nicholson as an Unsung Hero.
Unsung Heroes 2019

Unsung Hero: Sharon Nicholson

When Sharon Nicholson was a child growing up in Wichita, Kansas, she used to hop on a city bus for a trip to the public library. “I would spend a Saturday morning exploring the nooks and …
Because Julianna Matz (center) is a teacher, she gives her Taos High School students all the tools they need to comprehend chemistry — to read, to do math, to analyse and interpret information. But she also goes beyond that and acts as a mentor, role model and even friend.
Unsung Heroes 2019

Unsung Hero: Julianna Matz

Chemistry is hard. But Julianna Matz, a science teacher at Taos High School and University of New Mexico-Taos, won’t let that stop a student from finding out just how capable and powerful they …
Morgan Timms/Taos News.‘Our language is the heart of our existence,’ Tiwa teacher Alice Martinez proclaimed.
Unsung Heroes 2019

Unsung Hero: Mary Alice Martinez

    By Sheila Miller   When Mary Alice Martinez, who goes by Alice, speaks of growing up in the village of Taos Pueblo, …
Morgan Timms/Taos News.Río Fernando Fire Chief Russ Driskell and his crew make the kind of personal sacrificies that define heroism.
Unsung Heroes 2019

Unsung Hero: Russ Driskell

On June 25, Río Fernando Fire Chief Russ Driskell and several of his volunteer firefighters answered a call to assist with a brush fire near the old Stakeout restaurant on State Road …
"There was a treasure trove here that we realized had to be preserved,” says Virginia Couse Leavitt of her grandpa’s, E. I. Couse, home and studio.
Unsung Heroes 2019

Unsung Hero: Virginia Couse Leavitt

Until she was six years old, Virginia Couse Leavitt lived year-round in the sprawling homestead of her famous grandparents on Kit Carson Road. She rode horses with the Randall children (later of …
Morgan Timms/Taos News.Dave Cordova stands among portraits his fellow Mason brothers that came before him at the Bent Lodge in Taos. The focus of the fraternal organization is to help local charities. A fellow Mason told Ernestina Cordova — who nominated him as an Unsung Hero — ‘Dave was made to be a Mason and the Masons were made for Dave. He loves ceremony and pageantry but mostly, he has a big heart and loves giving to his community.’
Unsung Heroes 2019

Unsung Hero: Dave Cordova

The Bent Lodge was empty and quiet as Dave Cordova was going down the halls replacing the electrical sockets. He began to reminisce about the lodge and its history, and with it the history of …
Morgan Timms/Taos News.Taos head football coach Art Abreu Jr. embraces his players Nov. 17, 2018, after beating Lovington 55-7 at Anaya Field.
Unsung Heroes 2019

Citizen of the Year 2019: Art Abreu Jr.

The Taos High School head football coach lead the Tigers to the school's first football championship in 2018. His efforts on behalf of his team on and off the field earned him the nod as the 2019 Citizen of the Year. He was honored along with eight other Unsung Heroes on Wednesday (Oct. 9) at El Monte Sagrado in Taos.

Home is where the heroes are

Heroism represents the best of human nature no matter the perceived severity of a situation or need. Acts of kindness and courage are born from reaction and action. Such deeds, however, can often go …
One of 9 Unsung Heroes

Volunteer Janet Webb named a 2018 'Unsung Hero'

Janet Webb is still actively involved with the boards and can often be seen at various community meetings that have agenda items pertaining to the arts. 
One of 9 Unsung Heroes

Centinel Bank’s Angel Reyes named a 2018 'Unsung Hero'

Before becoming the chairman of the board and CEO, Reyes, a spry 46, was named the president of Centinel Bank in 2003. Prior, he held the title of CFO in 1998. And it all started from behind a teller’s window. 
One of 9 'Unsung Heroes'

Community visionary Polly Raye named a 2018 'Unsung Hero'

Casa de Corazon opened in 1990. Over the eight years Polly Raye worked there, it expanded to include a school and outpatient services to families.
One of 9 2018 'Unsung Heroes'

At-risk teen advocate Andrew Montoya named a 2018 'Unsung Hero'

Andrew Montoya grasped a set of dice in a loose fist and gave them a shake before his roll, uncertain as ever as to how they might land, but sure the two teens dressed in jail blues on either side of …
One of 9 Unsung Heroes

St. James Food Pantry’s Jesse Martínez named a 2018 'Unsung Hero'

Jesse Martínez's dark eyes lock on yours when he greets you at the church door. He seems to study your words carefully. Then someone yells for him from across the room. He gestures to you …
One of 9 Unsung Heroes

Lucille Gallegos-Jaramillo and George Jaramillo named a 2018 'Unsung Hero'

Lucille Gallegos-Jaramillo and George Jaramillo have dedicated their careers to education and have helped shape the minds of several kids and young adults through their heartfelt extensions of the self
One of this year's nine unsung heroes

Cisco Guevara, Río Grande advocate, named a 2018 'Unsung Hero'

He’s run the Río Grande well over 3,500 times in the last 51 years, first as teenager testing his mortality and then as a commercial guide with the company he founded, Los Rios River …
One of 9 'Unsung Heroes'

Deacon Don of Guadalupe parish named a 2018 'Unsung Hero'

Deacon Donald Martínez, or Deacon Don as he’s known around town, used to just get up and take a walk for “oh…10, 20 miles” whenever he needed some distance from his stressful job managing a large grocery store.
Tradiciones 2018

Servant of the community

A lot of folks recognize there are Taos kids in need, but do little or nothing to really help. Not so with Jill Cline, and it’s for her efforts on behalf of Taos youth that a focus group hosted …
2018 Tradiciones

Citizen of the Year: Francis Córdova

It doesn’t take long for Francis A. Córdova to make people around him laugh. He has a gift for levity, poking gentle fun at himself and those around him. 
Citizen of the Year Francis Córdova is congratulated by Taos News publisher Chris Baker on Wednesday (Oct. 10) during the 18th annual Tradiciones banquet at El Monte Sagrado in Taos.

Photo Gallery: The 18th annual Tradiciones

On Wednesday (October 10), Francis Córdova was named the 2018 Citizen of the Year by The Taos News. Three hundred guests attended the 18th annual Tradiciones event, held in the main ballroom …

2017 Citizen of the Year and Unsung Heroes


Citizen of the Year and Unsung Heroes

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