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'Mothers of the Earth,' oil on canvas by Timothy Nevaquaya

Heritage Fine Arts opens with 'Gratitude'

There's a new kid on the block, albeit an art lover and rather famous music writer and producer who's been in and around Taos for nearly 40 years. Tree Menane is the name and the …
'The Floating Water Find the Way,' oil on canvas by Teruko Wilde

Sacred water

Agua es vida. Aside from quenching our own thirst, our water quenches the thirst of our crops, our livestock and of the many other things upon which our human existence depends. Water …
On Monday (April 8), the artist known as Scripture could be seen spray-painting the finishing touches on a massive mural he created next to his Vagrant Heart art space.

Big bold statement

'Writing for fame to be known amongst the unknown" is a phrase coined by graffiti artists to express why they risk incarceration for a few minutes of visionary expression with a can …
Tempo Music
Musician Bob Schneider

Bob Schneider brings 'Blood and Bones' to Taos

Bob Schneider has won more Austin Music Awards than any other musician. To date, he has won 59, including Best Songwriter, Best Musician, Best Male Vocals. Schneider is on tour with his latest album, …
Heads Up Music will host Record Store Day in Taos, a nationally recognized day of celebration dedicated to record stores. The party starts at 10 a.m. with live music and rare and collectable releases.

Heads Up Music in Taos hosts Record Store Day

Dust off those turntables and get spinning, 2019’s Record Store Day is alive and well in Taos. Heads Up Music will be hosting the annual celebration of vinyl for the record community in …
The New York Times called the Anderson Brothers “virtuosos on clarinet and saxophone.”

Anderson Brothers to play Duke Ellington concert

Virtuoso music talents the Anderson Brothers return to Taos for a concert focusing on the consummate American artist, Duke Ellington ...
Tempo Culture

Star Guide

The full moon in Libra on Friday (April 19) exalts a realization for harmony, fairness and equality in all areas of one’s personal life ...
Parents guide their children through the kiddie pool collecting toys for their bags.

Watery fun

Hundreds of Taos kids dove into Easter celebrations Saturday (April 13) at the 14th annual Wet ‘n’ Wild Easter Egg Hunt at the Taos Youth and Family Center swimming pool. …
The annual 'Wet 'N' Wild Easter Egg Hunt' is at the Taos Youth and Family Center Saturday (April 13).

Splashy Easter event planned

Get ready to get wet. The 14th annual Wet ‘n’ Wild Easter Event will take place Saturday (April 13), noon until 4 p.m.
Tempo Film
Courtesy image  Photographs by Academy Award nominees Marie Wilkinson and Cyril and Lysander Christo are on view in an exhibition at the Bariess Gallery concurrent with their film festival screening.

Taos Environmental Film Festival looks at our fragile earth

Entering its fifth year, the Taos Environmental Film Festival, taking place Thursday through Monday (April 18-22), will showcase 22 award-winning films running the Earth’s gamut from ...
David Harbour stars as Dark Horse Comics' 'Hellboy.'

Movie review: ‘Hellboy’

Why? Was it really necessary to reboot “Hellboy”?
The Creed Family before everything all goes to hell. From left are Amy Seimetz, Hugo/Lucas Savoie, Jason Clarke, and Jeté Laurence in a scene from 'Pet Sematary.'

Movie review: ‘Pet Sematary’

I'm a great admirer of author Stephen King, but am always a little puzzled by the way some people come up with knee-jerk comments like, "I hate his movies."
Tempo Books
In the second grade, author Jim Kristofic moved to Navajo Country when his mother took a job at a hospital on the reservation.

Book on first Native American nursing school to be released

Jim Kristofic has written four books. His latest, “Medicine Women: The Story of the First Native American Nursing School,” is a detailed history tracing the story of Ganado Mission on the Navajo Indian ...
On the cover of 'Wild Mercy' is a portrait commissioned of Oaxacan singer-songwriter-musician Lila Downs by former Taos artist Erin Currier.
Book review

Walking with wise women

There is a secret fiesta going on in the wildwood, and you are invited.
Jazz artist John Rangel has been on the music production teams for films such as 'Cold Mountain,' 'Appaloosa,' 'Heartbreakers,' 'Thor' and 'Flags of Our Fathers.'

Words that leap from the page

Jamaal May's ideas crackle with electricity, and his words come quickly, with brilliance.

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