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Author revered as Chicano literary pioneerPublication date: 7/1/2020 Page: 1 Section: BEdition: Byline: Phill Casaus and Jennifer Levin … more
Mark Kemper, a Taos artist and musician, talked to Tempo about his new PopTiks project. more
Natalie Goldberg is the author of 15 books, including "Writing Down the Bones," which has sold over one million copies and started a revolution in the way we practice writing in this country. In her memoir, "Let the Whole Thundering World Come Home," she shares her experience with cancer - grounded in her practice of Zen and writing. Her latest work, "Three Simple Lines: A Writer's Pilgrimage to the Heart and Homeland of Haiku," is due out in February 2021. more
BOOK REVIEW: THE KING OF TAOS - A novel by Max Evans 176 pp. University of New Mexico Press. $9.99In Max Evans' newest novel, "The King of Taos," readers are taken back in time to Taos in the 1950s, more
Taos poet and teacher Lise Goett conjures up poetry in response to COVID-19. more
Think back to a moment when your mother or father, or maybe a loving grandparent or teacher, told you a story. Do you remember it? What feelings do you associate with it? If you're like most people, you will recall those moments with evident fondness. Why? The story itself probably had little to do with it. More likely, it was the love and attention that poured out from that caring adult that helped you feel safe and warm. more
Veronica Golos is a founding co-editor of the Taos Journal of International Poetry and Art, former poetry editor for the Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion and core faculty at Tupelo Press' Writers Conferences. more
How any of us wind up anywhere is a mystery. We set out on a path bound for somewhere and arrive in a place we likely did not intend on going at all. The forks in the road aren't always easy to spot, and sometimes we wind up on the low road even though we intended to take the high one. Oftentimes, it is as if the name of the road changes suddenly while upon it. more
A memoir workshop in town that transitioned to online meetings on Zoom after the coronavirus pandemic ended the possibility of continuing face-to-face meetings unwittingly created a new virtual model for future workshops and classes offered by the Society of the Muse of the Southwest. more
Poetry is nearer to vital truth than history, Plato said, and throughout history, words and verses have been used by everyone with a message to share – from lovers, revolutionaries, prisoners and politicians. Poems – and the poets who write them – have a way of uplifting, empowering, sobering and humbling us with only a few lines. The art form's ability to express the things that roil and rage within us is its singular gift. more
The coronavirus pandemic, the likes of which has not been seen since the Spanish flu of 1918, has swept rapidly across the globe, forcing humans to self-isolate and socially distance. Around the world, people are stuck at home. With no idea how long this might go on for, it's easy to feel panicked and claustrophobic. more
Susan Mihalic's first novel -- recently picked up by Scout Press, an imprint of Simon & Schuster Inc., and scheduled for a September 1 release -- took several years before anyone decided to take a chance on it. Given, it was a debut, and while Mihalic is an experienced writer and editor, agents still fell by the wayside time after time. Some, after asking the Taos resident to cut 100 pages or so for a rewrite. more
Be certain to check into these quarantine-friendly activities over the weekend! more
All humans are creators. It's not something we just do on Saturdays, or when we graduate from art school or retire from the 9-to-5 grind. Every human being, indeed, all life itself, is one big bang of nonstop, emerging, engaging, intensifying and expressive creativity. more
It was inevitable: the smell of Purell would always remind her of the winter of 2020. Maybe that will be the first line of my novel about life during the great coronavirus pandemic. more
David Pérez has been speaking in public for decades. He’s had a lifetime of it at progressive political meetings and rallies. He’s been acting for 20 years, in roles he describes as “ranging from Othello to Santa Claus,” recently lighting up the stage as Robert in Taos Onstage’s production of David Auburn’s “Proof.” As an author, he’s been performing his work for a dozen years. What does he see as the common factor? more
Along with a zombie apocalypse and being abducted by aliens, one of the top fears people have is public speaking, even actors. The ability to deliver an effective speech or sales pitch and to read from a novel in a way that engages an audience are believed to be talents one is born with. more
If you're ever lost in the wilderness in Navajo country and in need of a rescue or a guide, author Jim Kristofic might be the man to call. In his new memoir, "Reservation Restless," a follow-up to "Navajos Wear Nikes," Kristofic as narrator is a wilderness superhero, cultural anachronism, snake charmer, life saver, cowboy, MacGyver and sage. more
New Mexico children's book author Linda Harkey's fourth book, "Doc, Willie, and the Pack" (Archway, 2019), is a continuation of the growing Hickory Doc series. more
Fiction allows us to enter cultures, times and places that we would otherwise not have access to, and in doing so, imbues us with understanding and compassion. We are fortunate to exist in a time when we can read fiction from authors across the globe and learn their perspectives. Often, what we learn is that we are not so different from each other at all. more
Levi Romero says he used to be a closet poet. Being a poet and a young Chicano male did not seem to go together. That is, until he recognized how much language and the love of stories lay at the heart of both his culture and the art of poetry. more
Young Writers Night is a showcase of Taos talent onstage at the Harwood Museum, 238 Ledoux Street, on Thursday (Feb. 6), starting at 6 p.m. Isobel O'Hare, the Young Writers Program curator at SOMOS, and Taos High School student Michael Vigil, are co-hosting the evening. more
Local editor and writer Susan Mihalic is hosting a gathering she calls a "two-hour, silent mini-retreat" for writers of every stripe. It is geared toward experienced writers, blocked writers or people who think they want to write. more
Hampton Sides is best known in Taos for "Blood and Thunder," his 2006 sweeping tale of Kit Carson's conquest of the Western territories. He is celebrated worldwide for his gripping nonfiction adventure stories, set in war or depicting epic expeditions of discovery and exploration. more
John Nichols' newest book, "Goodbye, Monique: Requiem for a Brief Marriage," might be called a memoir, but it's not really about the author. Instead, it is an ode to his mother, Monique, who dies when he is only 2, and a poignant depiction of her four years together with his father, David Nichols. more
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