William Paxton Robey

William Paxton Robey
1939 -January 13, 2019
William Paxton Robey, 79, died Jan. 12 at his home in Carson, NM, from pneumonia. In lieu of a memorial service, Pax’s cremated ashes are being divided among family members who each have their own private memorial plans.
Pax was born on Nov. 6th, 1939, in Tulsa, to Richard Dement Robey Jr. and Mary Elizabeth Robey (nee German). Pax met Vicki (Vanessa) Hunnell at the University of Tulsa and they were married 23 years, having two children, Jennifer and Kate. Pax served honorably in the US Army in Heidelberg, Germany, and received his degree in Engineering Physics from the University of Tulsa.
Paxton had a successful career, first as a key engineer at American Airlines, then as founder of a small solar energy company; and finally, for many decades as a teacher: associate professor at Oklahoma State University, IT department manager at Northern New Mexico Community College, and senior instructor at Learning Tree International.
But Pax’s true passion was in being a teacher and student of metaphysical spirituality. His book, “No Time for Karma” (with Lone Jensen), and numerous talks and presentations (many available on YouTube) delve into the higher existence that each of us have as human beings. With his second wife, Anne Scott Robey, Paxton lived in Carson, New Mexico, and enjoyed travelling the country frequently for teaching technology trainings, vacations and leading spiritual retreats.
Pax is survived by his wife Anne, daughters Jennifer Doty and Kate Robey, sister Beth Robey Hyde, granddaughter Alexa Robey, ex-wife Vanessa Batchelor, cousins Henry Will and Maggie Cornell, and nieces and nephews Deborah Kohlmeyer, Valerie Fuentes, and Kurt and Gary Brueggemann.

Arrangements by Rivera Family Funeral Home, Taos. To share a memory, please visit our website at


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