When we face hard questions and issues

By Bernie Linnartz
For The Taos News
Posted 2/1/18

The movie “The Post,” which was the focus of last week’s article still has some of my emotions highly charged. I have decided to say more. The movie was about a number of people in …

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When we face hard questions and issues


The movie “The Post,” which was the focus of last week’s article still has some of my emotions highly charged. I have decided to say more. The movie was about a number of people in prominent positions being faced with difficult choices and decisions regarding the printing of an issue of their paper. The questions and issues being faced were regarding truth, integrity and the risk of losing everything. Their jobs, reputations and financial security were at stake. Their past, present and future personal and professional lives were called into question.

On one hand, the thought was to say, “No, don’t run the presses.” Then they could be free and safe from all the negative consequences before them. On the other hand, they could say, “Yes, run the presses.” That would be choosing to face tremendous risks, fears and overwhelming unknowns. They were squarely face to face with heart and soul decisions. Before them were the realities of the darkness and the light of their values.

When they stood up and spoke out for truth and the long and deeply held values of their country and their company, the ending results were true freedom, safety and security of their jobs, reputations and financial security. They had it all, on solid ground, with heads and hearts held high. When all was said and done, justice prevailed with the law upheld for the people and truth being told versus the “governors” hiding the truth.

You and I have similar circumstances that face us, sometimes within our own life and work, and especially nationally and globally. As many of the issues in the movie are being played out in real time on the news each day, the question for each of us is, “What can, or will we do?” Here are some thoughts and questions (a couple from last week’s article):

Ponder truth, dignity, integrity and accountability by, with and for all people, as well as self.Recognize where such questions and issues are alive in our life, work and home.Are there times and ways we withhold the facts and truth regarding injustices that occur around us?How can we support equality and respect for all people in all contexts?When talking with family, friends, coworkers and others and an opportunity arises to stand up and speak out and to encourage and create awareness of such questions and issues – stand and speak.

Speaking out, with care, love and support helps to create goodwill for all people, our environment and the world.

At this time in our lives and in the world, it is important that we take time to think and talk with others. Take a few extra minutes to talk even during busy times. Create a small group of folks to meet with weekly or monthly. Share thoughts, questions and insights. Give each other opportunities to “vent” deeper, haunting and difficult feelings. Face the hard questions and issues. Such sharing are necessary opportunities for learning.

Bernie Linnartz, of Empowerment Experts, is a consultant, coach and facilitator of individuals, teams, families and organizations. Comments, questions and suggested topics are welcome. Cell (575) 770-4712 or email bernie356@me.com


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