What are your holiday dreams?

A spectrum of Taoseños offer their thoughts on the season of giving and hope

By Laura Bulkin
Posted 12/19/18

In Charles Dickens' immortal novella "A Christmas Carol" (and in the countless sitcom episodes and cheesy holiday movies reprising its premise), the hero is taken on a transformative …

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What are your holiday dreams?

A spectrum of Taoseños offer their thoughts on the season of giving and hope


In Charles Dickens' immortal novella "A Christmas Carol" (and in the countless sitcom episodes and cheesy holiday movies reprising its premise), the hero is taken on a transformative dream-journey of self-knowledge, guided by three "ghosts" representing past, present and future. For many of us, the holiday season brings visits from that same trilogy of time-spirits: We reflect on the year nearly past; we seek an honest assessment of ourselves in the present moment; and we dream up our wishes and intentions for the new year about to begin.

With that in mind, we asked a Taos spectrum of artists, musicians, students, mechanics and more to share their holiday dreams with us. The responses range from funny to serious, material to philosophical, personal to global -- in some cases, all of the above in one inspired breath.

Margo Beutler Gins, Taos Historic Museums

My ultimate holiday dreams came true six years ago when my husband Joshua made it possible for us to return to my beloved hometown, Taos, N.M., truly the land of milagros. My holiday dreams for this year include all Taoseños caring for one another as we did in my childhood. Working together to preserve our combined history, heritage, and traditions while creating prosperous futures for generations to come. FYI, you do not have to be born in Taos to be a Taoseño. You simply have to love and care for Taos and all who dwell here. Happy holidays.

Nathaniel Troy Jr., restaurateur at Lambert's

My holiday dreams are to get back on a healthier track, to resume my twice or thrice weekly CrossFit and to eat less candy. I know that sounds boring, but I do find that my sense of well-being is related to what I'm eating and exercise. Also, I want to get back to my language work. I like to use various online language learning platforms to maintain my proficiency in a few languages. Being able to converse in my other languages with native speakers at least a few hours a week makes me fulfilled, and I know that I will always have those skill sets to fall back on for work if necessary.

Jimmy Stadler, performing artist

My holiday wishes are for good health for my family, friends and me. That's pretty big these days, and it seems that no matter how much money one has, good health can't always be bought. My dreams are of going to Europe or South America and to have another successful music year with every endeavor I take on.

Christine Autumn, artist, performer, writer and educator

What are my holiday dreams? This year it is a holy day filled with only the things I want. This year I embrace the lights and the Christmas music, which parades through air with or without our consent. I am allowing people to change their minds about things and for my loved ones to not have to come visit. I will receive gifts this year as deserved, and just say, "Thank you." This is the year of allowance.

John Biscello, writer and performing artist

And I quote (myself): "A deeper serenity within, and a greater embracing of wonder as the wheel that makes the magic go-round."

Bella Tovino, student

This year my holiday dream is to spend Christmas in Taos with my loved ones, so I can see every single Christmas tree at El Monte Sagrado and watch it snow. Jumper cables for the soul, m'dear.

Mieshiel Murray, artist

All I want for Christmas is a global consciousness revolution, which begins with people turning off MSM (mainstream media) "programming." That's all!

Zoey Birdsong, student

My holiday dreams are for hope. We live in a very toxic world, and it's really easy to be hopeless (myself included). For the new year, I want something to give me hope, whether that comes from outside influences or from within myself. I just need a new way to keep hope alive for myself and others. I think hope is necessary for real change. So yeah, I wish for hope and change.

Anita Otilia Rodríguez, artist

My holiday dream is for our water to be protected, for the acequias to keep running and for fossil fuels to be abandoned in favor of solar and wind power!

Marshall Thompson, restaurateur at Donabe Asian Kitchen

Mostly I'm dreaming of more snow that the mountain may be potentially getting on Kachina Peak by Christmas or New Year's. I also just hope that my restaurant stays as busy as it has been. And then maybe a nice cozy morning breakfast with my beautiful lady.

Stephanie Lee Monsanto, performing artist

My holiday dreams for the year, or is it my wish for the coming year, is that we may all be nourished--mind, body and soul! Merry everything!

Maye Torres, artist

My Holiday Dreams… Hmmmm… so many…. Peace on earth!!!! And that everybody finds their creative spirit to share with the world, every day.

Marci Schneider Kipnis, performing artist

My hope for the holidays for everyone, what I really want is for people to find moments of true peace. Whether that is a true authentic connection with another person, or the synchronicity of something they imagined coming true, or a moment of unbridled joy that creeps up on them. I keep on thinking about peace, and the joy of connection, and the joy of surprise in its delight, and really being open to receiving. To have that moment where you exhale with joy and relief and gratitude.

Monique Martínez, student

This Christmas my wishes are to recenter. Taos has an amazing energy that allows me, after feeling constricted, to breathe again. This Christmas I'm looking forward to the feeling that only comes from returning home. This new year my goals are to continue my transformation and build a stronger bond between myself and the universe. I'm hoping that my path unravels and hopefully leads me toward a life that will bring me more happiness than sorrow and more lessons than punishments.

Charles Collins, artist

We all need to learn to love each other more and more every day and see the magic in each other's eyes and in each other's hearts and share what we have with each other here. It's a great place, full of love.

Brayan Salinas, student

I don't know whether to be political or philosophical or to wish for something material. Politically we're stuck at a game of tug-of-war with conflicting interests about whether or not people deserve to exist with dignity. Philosophically we're stuck at a cul-de-sac, where we either construct grand structural themes about reality or believe in nothing at all. I might just have to be pragmatic and wish for a nice warm sopapilla from Michael's Kitchen or the energy to hike up to Wheeler Peak to see things from up above.

Ron DeTullio, celestial mechanic

I really don't pay much attention to holidays at all. No holiday dreaming outside of winter being over.

Sabina Jones, student

This holiday season I dream of establishing an understanding with myself, an understanding that whatever I do is done in love. I wish to admire the flocks of birds heading north and my breath as it solidifies before me. I wish to be in stillness, to observe the many degrees of emotion that can exist inside of me and in others. I make a solid and simple wish to be patient. Before December closes itself, I would like to open my heart. I open my heart to the bitter cold because underneath it is a warmth so astounding, a wood stove and a flickering glow in the next room. I wish to come close to fear, to what really shakes me to the bone. I wish for us to build bridges between what we say and what we feel, for those bridges to take us back to each other. Embedded in every action is a desire. Embedded in every interaction is a seed. I dream of these desires and these seeds growing into beautiful aspens with every root connected.


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