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'The Post'– About you, me and our government


Occasionally there is a powerful movie that carries a commentary regarding moments in history well worth taking time to reflect, review and ponder. "The Post" is one of those movies that begs the question, "Are we seeing history repeat itself in our current events?"

Not only is it a great movie directed by Stephen Speilberg and with the lead actors of Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks, it is a patriotic film, which expounds the power of truth-telling, women's equality and personal, organizational and national values. It is the story from the 1970s when Katherine Graham and Ben Bradlee of The Washington Post were faced with dramatic and life-changing decisions concerning the heart of our First Amendment and the disclosure of decades of lies by our nation's leaders.

I found many questions from the movie that challenge each of us and our government regarding truth, righteousness and justice. These are questions that call us to be truthful and accountable within the contexts of our personal and professional lives and as global citizens. Here are some of those questions:

It was disclosed in the Pentagon Papers that the United States continued its long-term war initiative, costing the lives of tens of thousands of Americans, for these primary reasons: 10 percent to support the people of Vietnam, 20 percent to contain China and 70 percent for America to "save face" regarding its image of power and pride. There is the obvious question about the cost of human lives (on all sides).

The on-going question is "Are there times and ways we withhold the facts and truth regarding injustices that go on and on?"

When we discover that past presidents and government leaders for decades--and we also know that our current president and government leaders have been and are involved in the suppression of truth or state that certain facts don't exist - how do we reconcile this in our hearts and minds? What can we learn from all of this?

As we see, know about or are involved in the inequality or harassment of women or men what do we do? Is it a passing awareness or thought, that we ignore or excuse? Do we say something, do something or seek support? Are there ways we can change, update or create policies and procedures in our workplace to protect and ensure the rights and values of all employees? How can we hold ourselves and others accountable for our, and their, words and actions?

As a nation, world citizen, member of the Taos community, employee and family member, we are called to think, choose, decide and act in accordance with human decency, respect, care and harmlessness toward all people, plants, animals and things. We have the right and responsibility to manage our life and work in the manner of service, worth and dignity of all people. How can you and I best do this?

Check out the movie, "The Post." There is also an interesting Youtube interview: "The Post" with Steven Spielberg, Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks.

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