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Taos Ski Valley committed to growing boarders and skiers from community


Have you ever wondered how so many young Taoseños become such experienced skiers and snowboarders? How do they have such advanced skills for their age? Well, we think we uncovered the answer. At Taos Ski Valley, Ernie Blake started a school program many years ago to provide an affordable way for local students to get on the mountain, be a part of the rich culture of Taos Ski Valley and have a blast doing it. Ernie Blake Taos Ski Valley Snowsports School was born.

This year alone more than 850 students are participating from nearly every school in Taos County. Through this program, Taos kids are able to improve their skiing and snowboarding techniques while getting to experience what so many out-of -own visitors do: the beauty and majesty of the Sangre de Cristos.

The Taos Ski Valley employees are impassioned and committed to offer this opportunity for local kids because they feel building relationships with the community is an important venture for any local business, especially one that includes the great outdoors. The Ski School Snowsports program also believes creating lifelong snowsports enthusiasts who will ski, snowboard, and ride Taos for the rest of their lives is totally rad. Heck, these Taos kids may even be the next generation of instructors.

We asked Emily Payne, Snowsports sales supervisor why she thinks the program is so valuable. "I believe parents and students participate in and enjoy this program because it is a unique program which offers the opportunity for skiers and riders of all levels to build skills over a period of several weeks while building friendships with other students from different schools in their community and varying backgrounds," Payne said.

Although there is not much snow for the 2017-2018 ski season, the students who debus daily for lessons and free skiing have no complaints and are enjoying being on "our own hometown mountain."

Well folks, we could go on and on about the virtues of this amazing program, but the mountain and our bus to the ski valley await us.