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Pavel Lukes innovates what Taos offers


Location; mountain views; sprawling acreage; tidy small houses.  What we want to call home means different things to everyone who is looking to buy or sell a property, whether in New Mexico or anywhere else.  That’s because, according to realtor Pavel Lukes, your decision with regard to real estate is, for most people, the singular most impactful decision you will make with regard to your vision, your nest egg and your personal wealth.

“The realtor who has your back won’t allow you to inappropriately inflate the value of your home, yet he or she will ensure you’ve collected the best market value of your property if you’re a seller,”  Lukes said. 

On the other hand, as a buyer Pavel believes that you should be likewise confident that you’ve been presented with both a realistic purchase price and a factual representation of the property that you’re considering. 

“Our job, as licensed real estate brokers, is to help you successfully manage one of the most significant sources of your personal estate.  Brokering a property, whether for a buyer or seller, is a solemn transaction,” he observed, and it’s one upon which Lukes has built his silver anniversary, long-standing relationship with buyers and sellers in Taos County and its environs.  It’s no wonder that independently-owned Dreamcatcher Real Estate Co. has risen as the gold standard in the local real estate market.

“I’ve been approached by nationwide franchises but I prefer to be independent,” he said.  “I believe my integrity rests upon it, that when you contract with me I am solely dedicated to you as your broker.  I think that has infused into the long-term relationships I enjoy with my clients.   But I also like to know that the other agents who work with me keep a maximum commission and, because they are also locals, that money remains here in town.  We work on synergy.”

His home--a short walk from the office complex on La Posta Road which he built and continues to house his business--was the former location of the town’s animal shelter.  Casitas strewn across the wildflower-dusted property have evidence of old adobe canine kennels and catteries that recall its earlier life before being transformed into a sprawling and comfortable residence.

“I’m inspired by timeless design and love the interpretation of it,” which is evident not only in the renovation of his own residence but also in properties such as the Pueblo de los Suenos condominiums that he built, and in his plans for six new homes in the vicinity of the historic district.  Though he loves building, “Those will be the last hurrah in my building career.”

That may be bittersweet but, for Lukes, it’s all about giving the best he has to offer to the community.  “Whatever I’m doing--building or brokering--I subscribe to high standards, the best quality, and being mindful of the intricacies of the one-on-one experience.  I want to both innovate here yet respect what Taos offers.”

His passion for Taos has given him impetus to run in local office elections and he remains a member of both the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Historical Commission.  When asked about his involvement he said, like others before him, “It just felt right to be here.  You come with humility and respect, and you find your way. You want to do good.”

Pavel Lukes has certainly done so.  Check out his many listings, including several iconic properties that lay the best of northern New Mexico at your feet.  “We know the local real estate and business scenes,” he said, “and we also uplift our outdoors and rich cultural and artistic history.”

Your property search will comfortably end right there, in the hands of one who will confidently guide you to your best New Mexico life.

Contact Pavel Lukes at (575) 758-3606 or email him at dream@taosnewmexico.com.


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