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Success Story: Wolfgang’s Spa Works

By Cindy Brown
Posted 3/6/19

Having a hot tub at home brings relaxation, health benefits and the opportunity to connect with family and friends. Science is proving what our bodies have always known – …

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Success Story: Wolfgang’s Spa Works


Having a hot tub at home brings relaxation, health benefits and the opportunity to connect with family and friends. Science is proving what our bodies have always known – soaking in hot water relaxes muscles, improves sleep, soothes pain from arthritis and injury and improves circulation.

Wolfgang Collins, founder of Wolfgang’s Spa Works, says “If you have joint or muscle pain, using a heating pad can soothe one part of your body, but a hot tub is like one huge heating pad at 104 degrees. It is warm and healing.”

In Taos, he notices that no one is slowing down. As people age, they continue to ski, hike, bike and play golf. With the fatigue and potential for sore muscles that come with these sports, having a source of instant relief at home is more important than ever.

Mineral therapy
To enhance the deep healing power of soaking in the hot tub, there are now mineral therapy salts available that capture the mineral elements of the world’s most famous hot springs. The Medicine Springs company has developed specialized salts that are good for your skin, joints and muscles.

The mineral composition from legendary hot springs have been replicated and can be added to your hot tub. “It brings almost a spiritual dimension to the hot tub experience,” says Wolfgang. “It is good to soak and meditate – like a healing massage.”

There are also salt systems available to reduce the amount of chlorine that is needed. For sensitive skin, there are products like Silk Balance that softens the water.

Healthy escape 
and connection
People are seeking to create balance in their lives and find a peaceful place to relax and reconnect with others. “The hot tub is a healthy escape,” Wolfgang says. “It is one of the few places we are not in front of a screen. We can be free of notifications and other distractions, including the stress of the daily news. A relaxing break in the hot tub helps bring some perspective and improve mental health.”

Customers tell the staff at Wolfgang’s Spa Works that the hot tub is the place where their families talk and truly connect. One couple doesn’t make a major decision unless they first discuss it in the hot tub. One customer uses his hot tub three times a day. A frequent golfer, he uses his tub to wake up, relax his muscles and get ready for sleep.

Considering a hot tub purchase
At Wolfgang’s Spa Works, there are a variety of hot tubs to fit your space and budget from two-person to eight-person spas. If you are interested in having a hot tub, you can visit Wolfgang’s Spa Works to see all the models on the floor and even try one out. There is a full tub, with a basket of towels and a shower facility waiting. Let them know you are coming, and they will make sure the tub is nice and warm for your test run. There are also two saunas – one hot rock and one infrared.

The atmosphere is friendly and low-pressure. People shopping for a hot tub usually return several times to consider options. An investment in a hot tub can be affordable. The most inexpensive models can be purchased for as little as $80 a month.

“Everybody needs a hot tub,” says co-owner (and son) Neil Collins. “You may purchase a toy or something else that is nice to have, but a hot tub contributes to the quality of your life every day. It really delivers on the promise of relaxation and better heath.”

Dedicated staff
 and service
When your hot tub needs service, a well-trained and dedicated staff will be there to support you. “We operate on a core principle of honesty with our staff and customers,” says Neil.

When asked about the reason for their 18 years of success in the business, Neil and Wolfgang agree that their people are top-notch. “We are very principled and upfront in all of our dealings.”

There are maintenance plans that provide service from once a week to once a month. All the technicians are trained at the factory to be certified spa operators. “The most important thing is to do a proper diagnostic if something goes wrong,” says Wolfgang. “Our crew carries most of parts needed for repairs on their trucks so they can fix the problem in one visit and get you back in your hot tub. We try to be very efficient.”

For second home owners, the staff at Wolfgang’s Spa Works can watch over your tub when you are away.

For health
If you are looking for ways to live a healthier, more relaxed and connected life, purchasing a hot tub for your home can be a very enjoyable first step. As Wolfgang says, “Get a hot tub, you’ll feel better.”

For more information
Take a look at the website at wolfgangspas.com or call (575) 758-1857. Stop by the showroom at 1210-J Salazar Road, Taos.


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