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Success Story: Wolfgang's Spa Works

Experienced hot tub dealers help their customers get a return on investment in well-being

By Yvonne Pesquera
Posted 3/8/18

Hot tubs were once marketed as ‘party things.’ While a hot tub can be used for entertainment, its health benefits of hydrotherapy are now more widely known. Which is why for many …

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Success Story: Wolfgang's Spa Works

Experienced hot tub dealers help their customers get a return on investment in well-being


Hot tubs were once marketed as ‘party things.’ While a hot tub can be used for entertainment, its health benefits of hydrotherapy are now more widely known. Which is why for many Taoseños, a hot tub isn’t a luxury item but an essential part of their self-care regimen.

 Wolfgang’s Spa Works embraces this health mindset. In business since 2001, this local and family-owned business is the premier Northern New Mexico dealer of quality hot tub brands and the top local tradesmen for maintenance and repair.

Local and family-owned

Wolfgang Collins and his son Neil are the co-owners of Wolfgang’s Spa Works.

“This is our right livelihood; this is our existence. It’s more than a job for the both of us,” said Neil. “This is how we support our families, and our employees’ families.”

Wolfgang chimed in on this community aspect. “We work hard to make our customers happy. The next time we see a customer, at the movies or the supermarket, we want them to be happy after we sell to them.”

In true Taos fashion, Wolfgang has a fascinating personal history. He moved to Taos in 1969 when he was 18 years old. He came here to live as a hippie at the historic Morningstar Commune. He found his calling in hot tubs early on. “I can remember when we assembled wooden hot tubs board by board,” Wolfgang said.

With the advancement in digital technologies, hot tubs and their accompanying features have evolved considerably. “They’re definitely more complicated today,” said Wolfgang. “But the brands we carry, take the least maintenance.”

Wolfgang and his wife Jennifer started the business in 2001. At that time, they were located next to Kachina Lodge. In order to provide enhanced customer service, they built a custom showroom on Salazar Road near Paseo del Cañon West.

Their hours of operation are Monday-Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Interested residential customers are welcome to stop by the showroom at any time without an appointment.

“In Northern New Mexico, we work to keep our reputation as a good dealer,” said Neil. “Even if we didn’t sell you your hot tub, we are still available for service. In many cases, that has been the start of a relationship with new customers.”

 Quality brands and service

Wolfgang’s Spa Works has been the dealer for Hot Spring and Nordic hot tub brands for years. These brands have patented jets for the very best massage experience. Additionally, the powerful streams of water bring soothing relief to tension in tight muscle groups, such as shoulders, feet, and backs.

 “The Hot Spring Limelight® brand is the newest thing. It has more jets, greater lighting, and a more contemporary design,” said Wolfgang.

 With more square feet in the filter, the Limelight hot tubs clean more effectively. Ranging in size from 4- to 8-person hot tubs, the Limelight series has roomy seats, more space, and a standard feature of an ozonator.

“The ozonator is a really cool device. Ozone is used to purify water in a natural way without chemicals,” said Neil. “The ozonator makes ‘lightning’ inside of a black box and that creates the ozone. Just like after a storm you smell sweetness in the air, that’s ozone purifying your water naturally.”

Wolfgang’s Spa Works has always carried the mid-range Limelight series. “But they made several major improvements,” said Wolfgang. “So now this ‘mid-range’ is like the ‘top end’ of luxury. You can spend thousands less but still get the same quality.

Neil and Wolfgang took a moment to tick off all the ‘bells and whistles’ that now accompany a modern hot tub: special lighting on the outside cabinet, Bluetooth sound system options, and modern design. “Some look like spaceships. This one looks like a StormTrooper’s helmet,” said Wolfgang with a laugh.

But with utmost seriousness, Wolfganag said, “What has stayed the same is our customer service. I have customers tell me: ‘You guys have the best customer service in Taos. I always feel like you’re listening to me. I always think of you guys when I think of customer service.’”

Neil chimed in on this point. “We keep growing our maintenance service. We clean hot tubs all around the Enchanted Circle every single day. We used to just be a ‘Taos’ business, but now we’ve expanded to Red River and Angel Fire.”

For your health

The need for personal self-care has evolved considerably. In the face of 24/7 connectivity to news, work emails, and social networks –– it is important than ever to ‘unplug’ from life’s stresses.

“The cool thing about hot tubs is that they are one of the few places in your home when you’re away from your screen,” said Neil. “We have customers who say to us: ‘Out of all the times of the day, being in the hot tub with our family is when we actually connect and talk.’”

Wolfgang, too, had a customer anecdote related to this point. “I know one husband and wife. They don’t make a major decision without spending time in the hot tub to talk about it. It takes the walls down.”

Wolfgang’s Spa Works also work with customers to show how a minimal amount of chemicals is used in the water and instead relies on a salt system and silver ionizers. For customers with sensitive skin, they offer the SilkBalance® product, which makes the water feel smooth and less abrasive.

The relaxing benefits of hot tubs are so well known. It is why they are found on the properties of nearly all hotels, spas, and vacation retreats worldwide. The hospitality industry knows that one of the essential ways to have guests relax and unwind from their busy lives is to offer a hot tub.

A return on investment

The same benefits hold true at home. A good, long soak in a hot tub relaxes the physical muscles and the emotional nervous system. While everyone’s medical profile differs, many report an ability to sleep better.

“We have some customers who live modestly and are not big on material goods. But they believe that having a hot tub is one of the very few things that can actually improve their health. A hot tub is a substantial thing that solves problems,” said Wolfgang.

Neil talked about the financial reality of hot tub –– in that it is an investment, not a purchase. “We’ve had some very wealthy customers, who have lots of assets, tell us that the hot tub is ‘the best return for my money I’ve ever made.’”

Neil also ran the numbers on the costs of a vacation to ‘get away and relax.’ Let’s say a couple goes on a vacation for $3,000. One week later, they’re back and the relaxing effects of that vacation disappear pretty quickly back in ‘the real world.’

“Imagine instead that you have a hot tub right outside your door. You can have a vacation every day. You pour coffee, the sun is rising –– and in less than a minute, you are sitting in your hot tub with your coffee. You go from idea to the action. Immediate gratification,” said Wolfgang.

Wolfgang’s works with customer to makes spa ownership easy. They connect you to financing through Wells Fargo Bank and as reported in The Taos News, they now accept the Bitcoin cryptocurrency for payment. Call them to learn more.


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