Stargazer, March 19 - March 25

March 19 - March 25

By Ken Bresee
Posted 3/19/20

Tuesday's new moon brings different energy shifts to the zodiac signs this week:

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Stargazer, March 19 - March 25

March 19 - March 25


ARIES - You're likely feeling fuzzy and mentally ill-defined Thursday and Friday, but things change quickly on Saturday, as the Sun moves into your sign this weekend. With the New Moon joining in on Tuesday the 24th, It's time to implement your ideas and put them into action, as the time is ripe to initiate your plans.

TAURUS - You're feeling stuck and frustrated through Friday with the Moon in Aquarius in stress to your sign.You need to stand back and look at the bigger picture. A more relaxed weekend with the Moon in dreamy Pisces. By Tuesday you are kicked into motion with the Sun and New Moon in Aries. Adopt some new ideas Taurus!

GEMINI - With the Moon in airy, chatty Aquarius, Thursday and Friday and Mercury now direct, this would be a perfect time to negotiate a major business deal. The lunar shift into Pisces, Sunday and Monday can throw you into a funk as you come face-to-face with emotional issues. The New Moon, Tuesday will bring in new awareness. Slow down Gemini!

CANCER - With the Sun moving into Aries, Friday, we have officially arrived at the Spring equinox. The New Moon on Tuesday and Wednesday intensify your life, with too much on your plate, as you scramble to catch up. This is jarring and you can be short-tempered. Watch your tongue Cancer, as you're feeling hassled!

LEO - Spring has sprung, with the Sun now in Aries, Friday, followed by the New Moon in Aries next Tuesday. This favors your sign, Leo, and sparks greater enthusiasm and hope. This week is all about new beginnings so try to maintain some rhythm and not to over commit.

VIRGO - The Sun, Mercury and Neptune all oppose you, Virgo and so you're likely to vacillate around important decisions. The New Moon on Tuesday will push you into decisive action, but you are likely to experience anxiety as you attempt to do everything at once! Pull back and do one thing at a time, as it will all get done!

LIBRA - As we officially step into Spring, Sunday we also move into the sign of Aries. This opposes your sign but affords some needed objectivity. The New Moon on Tuesday really fires things up! With four planets in Capricorn there can be no delay, as it is now time to act decisively Libra! Get off your fence!

SCORPIO - There is great support coming in, and you are feeling more grounded with four planets in earthy Capricorn. The emotionally intuitive and sensitive Sun, Mercury, Neptune and Moon all in watery Pisces, compliments your sign through early Saturday.

SAGITTARIUS - Friday and Saturday leave you feeling stuck with tedious busy work. Spring arrives on the weekend and fires up a busy weekend, allowing for more fun and escape. The New Moon on Tuesday will help to further your goals with this double Aries spark of fire.

CAPRICORN - Saturday is the first day of spring with the Sun now in Aries. The New Moon, Tuesday, follows suit and can be quite irritating as you feel split in two and feeling pushed in too many directions. Try not to be so bossy Capricorn, as you need the cooperation of others.

AQUARIUS- With the waning Moon in your sign Thursday through Saturday, you are feeling more outgoing and can catch up with friends and family. On Saturday the Sun enters fiery Aries on the first day of Spring ,which keeps you busier than usual. The New Moon, Tuesday, will help to bring your innovative ideas into reality.

PISCES - We are moving towards the end of Pisces time and entering into fiery Aries as we enter the first day of Spring, Saturday. The dreamy Pisces Moon of Sunday and Monday ends abruptly as the New Moon in Aries demands immediate action. Take care of business Pisces!


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