Realtor profile: Martin Molz of Engel & Völkers


Martin Molz first came to Taos when he was invited to ski with his wife’s family 24 years ago. He says, “Growing up in the mid-Atlantic area of the East Coast, I found Taos to be unlike any place I had been before. The open spaces felt odd to me at first, but over time, I came to really appreciate being in such spaces – alone, but out in the open.”

Molz has lived and worked all over the world, but was drawn to Taos. He had the opportunity to invest in Taos real estate 12 years ago and then bought a house in Arroyo Seco. He enjoys skiing and hiking with his family. “My in-laws live in Taos, so it works well for all of us,” he explains.

Now, Molz shares his love of Taos with others who want to come here. He points out that Taos is comprised of interesting people from all kinds of backgrounds and that no two houses are alike. “Folks are always experimenting with creative construction techniques and many are focused on sustainability and efficiency in building,” he says.

Molz joined forces with Keith Dowell of Taos Ski Valley Realty. Last year, they converted Dowell’s brokerage into a new partnership with Engel & Völkers. Their office is located at 105 Paseo del Pueblo Norte and they also have an office at Taos Ski Valley on Ernie Blake Road. "I really enjoy working from both of our offices, whether in town or up at the ski valley,” he says.

Engel & Völkers is a European-based real estate company founded in 1977. The company has a presence in more than 800 locations in 33 countries employing 8,000 agents, making it the largest European brokerage. It has been expanding in North America, focused on second home markets in resort areas and, more recently, in large cities.

Molz says, “Europeans recognize the historical connections between this area and Europe and value the interesting cultural and environmental reasons to be here. I think we all agree that Taos is a very special place appreciated by those that come and feel it.” He sees ownership changes at Taos Ski Valley and the airport development as a boon for the real estate market in Taos.

He enjoys listening to his clients and helping them find a home that meets their needs and also gets them excited. “I have been working with some clients throughout this spring, both of whom work from home, so they had some criteria with regard to space that was important to them. But, they didn't want their home to be all about work; they wanted to wake up loving where they lived. It took some time, and there were a few bumps along the way, but we just found them a fantastic home down by the golf course that met almost every want and need. They immediately struck a deal and it was a delight to see." 

When asked about trends in real estate, Molz points to the recovery of the market and says that the real estate sector on both coasts has been going like gangbusters over the last 18 to 24 months. He says that the anticipation of rising interest rates, a low national unemployment rate and the wealth effect that has been generated with rising asset values on the coasts and in the stock market are already starting to impact the market here. “Domestic and international buyers alike are looking for ways to invest in interesting and unique places. And then there are those that simply fall in love with Taos, and we see many of them peering at our clients’ properties for sale through our shop window,” he says.

Molz and Dowell are focused primarily on residential real estate, but can handle any type of transaction. They focus on finding buyers for homes represented by other brokers, too. “It is about finding what is right for our client – regardless,” says Molz.

Engel & Völkers has a global network that works well for clients. Within a day of listing some new homes here, the homes were displayed at other offices in Texas, Louisiana, California, Colorado and New York; places that are “feeder markets” for Taos. “Our colleagues who run shops in those locations were sending me pictures of my clients’ listings displayed in their shop windows – Tune Drive on display on Park Avenue in Manhattan,” says Molz. His Taos office also displays listings for other locations. “People love sitting on the sofa in our shop watching Engel & Völkers listings scroll on the big screen,” he adds.

Current listings include land parcels in Arroyo Hondo, a custom energy-efficient home in Las Colonias and luxury condos in Taos Ski Valley.

As summer comes to a close, Molz is looking forward to fall and winter. “I live in Arroyo Seco and love the seasonal move into autumn; the cool nights and changing color of the aspens are a definitive indicators that ski season is not far off."

Molz and Dowell are grateful for the support that they have received from the community and want to continue to help buyers and sellers achieve their real estate goals. “We think we can bring a new approach to real estate and based on the developments in the market, we believe this area is on the front end of considerable growth. By being part of the Engel & Völkers family, we have the infrastructure and support required to help our clients benefit from that growth and bring a new set of potential buyers to the market.”

For more information, visit, email, call (575) 779-2572 or text TAOS to 21000. 


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