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Working with Realtor Amanda Tafoya is like having the home field advantage. She was born and raised in Taos and her kids have grown up here, too. She is familiar with the unique aspects of Taos. Her involvement with the community extends to serving on the board for Little League and two of her kids attend Taos Charter School. “I don’t see myself being anywhere else but here,” says Tafoya.

Her work experience in Taos runs deep, too. After staying home to raise her kids, she worked as a nurse at Holy Cross Hospital. Wanting a different kind of experience, she was co-owner of a paint business and worked with home construction, including developing homes in the Las Olas and Monte Sagrado areas. 

Her focus was on helping people with the interior design aspects including colors, tiles, paint, and appliances. “I was always drawn to that part of the business,” she says. 

It was the attraction to working with people to create a home they love that drew her to work in real estate. “Being a real estate agent really goes hand-in-hand with the work I did with being a nurse and helping people with the interior designs of their homes. All of it is helping people and I really like that part of it.”

Since getting her real estate license two years ago, she has been working with CrossRoads Realty and Management. Qualifying Broker Mark Yaravitz has been part of Taos real estate for 30 years and was a partner with Tafoya when she worked with the construction business. “Yaravitz has been a great mentor. Learning from his expertise, I’ve been able to grow a lot,” says Tafoya.

One of the special pleasures of her work is helping first-time homebuyers navigate the process. “It’s really rewarding for me to work with first time homebuyers, helping them understand the process, including lending and home inspection. We make sure they get a pre-qualification letter before we go out looking, so they know how much home they can afford.” She adds that although people may have specific ideas in mind, she works with them to explore the market and see what is available and find the best fit.

“I helped a family purchase their first home in Taos after they had moved here from another community. When I see one of the kids at Little League, he always says ‘Look, there is our Realtor!’ I have a strong sense of family and love being part of the happy memories of finding a home for the family,” says Tafoya. “There are ups and downs to maneuver, but if you have a positive experience with your Realtor that stays with you.”

Asked about trends in the Taos real estate market, Tafoya observes that activity is up, but there is still a gap in the homes available with few being for sale in the $280,000 to $325,000 range. “There are high-end homes and then those that need remodeling, but very few in the middle. It is a tricky market and it is beneficial to have a Realtor who knows it well. Taos is very unique, people want vigas and other elements of southwest style, but those do come with a price tag.”

Spring can often be a time of increased activity in the market. Tafoya recalls that it was quiet last winter, but the skiers who had visited Taos during the snowy times returned in the spring to come look at possible second homes. In addition, people who began new jobs here at the beginning of the year, seem to feel settled enough to begin to consider buying a home in the spring.  As for visitors of all kinds, she says. “It is an inviting time to come to Taos and visit. There is good hiking and lots happening.”

Reflecting on her time as a Realtor, Tafoya says “I’m fairly new to it, but I love doing it. I’m vested in Taos and helping people becoming new homeowners. I plan to be doing this for a long while.” 

For more information: Contact Tafoya at (575) 770 -0830 or visit her on Facebook and at


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