Enchanted Homes: Sustainability Issue 2017

Picuris Earthship

In harmony with nature

Walking into the Picuris Earthship is like walking into a beautiful garden. The sun shines in, warming the space and nourishing the herbs, flowers and vegetables growing in raised planting beds. The sound of water can be heard trickling into the fishpond. In this garden, humans are also part of the harmony. Water used for showering and washing dishes is filtered and repurposed to water the garden and then returned to flush toilets. Even the black water generated in the house is directed outside to be treated and reused in watering the landscape. Earthship founder and architect Mike Reynolds says that homes like this one can actually begin to enhance the earth rather than destroy it. The Earthship makes use of sun and rain to provide food and energy. Rain and snowmelt are captured and filtered for drinking water. Electricity is generated by the sun and stored in batteries. Reynolds says, "If you check the electrical system, there is usually an overflow of energy available; more than enough." ### This is an excerpt. The full story to be posted shortly.


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