Letter:  Entitled Taoseños, straighten up


I have a friend who is an usher at the TCA [Taos Center for the Arts ]. She sees a side of Taoseños and Taoseñas that I think you would be surprised by. This is the TCA audience. I probably don’t have to tell you that they are mostly Anglo.

Monday night the theater was absolutely packed [“The Shape of Water” was showing]. Hardly an empty seat was to be found.

When the lights came on at the end, people streamed out, leaving behind their candy wrappers, napkins, half-filled boxes of popcorn, spilled popcorn [a lot of that], beverage containers, used Kleenex. You would think someone had yelled “Fire” and that people were scrambling to save their lives, but no.

No, alas. What my friend and her fellow volunteers on the clean-up crew experienced yet again was the incredible feeling of entitlement that led this audience to assume that someone else would pick up their mess. These were people who could afford a ticket to the TCA. They were largely also a mature audience, whom you might think would know better.

Not so. I left the theater heartily ashamed of “my people.”

What’s happened, Taos? Do you think it doesn’t matter how we behave? And why would that be?

Sincerely, Rev. Susan Varon