Learning to lead

By Bernie Linnartz
For The Taos News
Posted 1/18/18

No matter your position or role in the workplace or at home, you are a leader and manager.

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Learning to lead


No matter your position or role in the workplace or at home, you are a leader and manager.

You have the right and responsibility to lead in certain places, contexts and ways. Whoever you are, you have the responsibility to manage your thoughts, words and actions.

These rights and responsibilities are important and critical to your own life, our community and the world. You are called to some high standards as a part of these rights and responsibilities. It is your free choice to accept, fulfill and live them, or not. Here are a few standards for your consideration:

• Speak: Once you have stood up, speak up. Say what needs to be said with clarity, sincerity and specificity. And be succinct. (My wife tells me that frequently.) Speak from your heart and soul.

• Think: Be aware of who you are, where you are and why you are there. Use consciousness at a higher level. Be an objective observer, like a fly on the wall watching what you are saying and doing as well as what others are saying and doing. See, listen and think before you speak or act, so you can be proactive versus reactive.

•Stand up: Be present. Pay attention with intention. Be in the now with body, mind and spirit. You can do this without saying a word. When you stand up and are present you project a presence. Presence is energy. This is important for a leader and manager. All of this can be done in silence. Note this sound of silence.

• Act: Actions speak louder than words. It is best when our actions are in alignment with any words we have spoken. I love the acronym D.W.Y.S.Y.W.D., Do What You Say You Will Do. (from the Disney University). Then come the necessary words and actions of holding self and others accountable.

• Respect and care: These are two basic, simple – not always so simple – and commonsense standards. Respect yourself, your role or position, and others. Be careful – full of care – in all you think, say and do.

• Know your values: We all have values, yet sometimes we are not conscious of them. Identify and write your values. All that we think, say and do is connected to our values. Our values speak loudly, both the positive and negative ones.

• Interact with integrity: Integrity is found in the nature of a person, thing or process when values are consistently manifested in thought, word and deed. When we interact with integrity, our values are seen and known with or without our words. Enjoy all.

Bernie Linnartz, of Empowerment Experts, is a consultant, coach and facilitator of individuals, teams, families and organizations. Comments, questions and suggested topics are welcome. Cell (575) 770-4712 or email bernie356@me.com


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