Lawrence (“Larry”) Halden Knapp


Lawrence (“Larry”) Halden Knapp, 70, passed away on January 29, 2019, in his home, surrounded by his family.  He is survived by his wife Jaya; his children Anyma, Joana, and Shawn; his brothers Bruce and Don; and his grandchildren Amelie, Fiona, and Braden.

Larry was born in Florida and raised in New Mexico.  As a young man, he studied Chemistry and Physics at Oberlin College in Ohio.  He eventually landed on the Spanish island of Ibiza, where he taught himself the art of leathercraft, met the love of his life and started a family.

Alongside his wife and children, he moved to Taos in 1984 and developed a leather braiding business.  Larry was a master of his trade. He developed a specialized method that allowed for a tighter, smoother leather braid for his famous belts. His belts and creative craftsmanship will live on through his collections and the people he trained. His work is known through customers from around the world. He must of braided around the world at least once.

Larry cared deeply about his land and the environment.  He enjoyed being outdoors on his property and tending to the hundreds of trees that he personally planted in an area that had previously been covered in only sagebrush.  He devoted himself to ensuring that water stayed on his land, through digging ditches and creating an irrigation system for the property which captured any natural precipitation. This was his way of helping the plants help themselves in the years of drought.

Most of all, he loved his family and was an amazing family man. He was a devoted, loving, supporting anchor and a strong family head. He was a humble, sarcastic and funny. He had a way of bringing clarity to problems. He offered us a shoulder to cry on, ideals we could hold onto and amazing advise when we needed it. We loved him very much and he is very missed.

We are planning a memorial in the summer for his birthday, July 27th.


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