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Peñasco Theatre Collective aerial gym awaits students

Flippin' for fun


PEÑASCO, N.M. -- People from all around Taos County start to gather in a tiny room where a trapeze sways gently from side to side and aerial fabrics move majestically in the warm air scented with firewood. Suspended above the ground, 10 people dance, not caring about a thing in the world, getting stronger and stronger as they climb like ancestral beings up a rainbow of vines.

When we're in the air, it feels like we're flying. When we're upside down, it feels like we're swimming in the Atlantic Ocean.

About 25 miles from of Taos, the Peñasco Theatre Collective aerial gym awaits students of all ages and experience. The trapeze and fabrics move through the space rapidly as the students prepare for their upcoming performances in March.

The performance will feature some of the most experienced students of aerial arts. Juli Ford has been doing trapeze on the aerial silk for 9 years. Salome Aby has done trapeze for 14 years on the sling. Hannah Aby has been doing trapeze for 11 years on the aerial silk. Brooklyn Sullivan-Seebeck has been doing trapeze 9 years on the lyra. Sky Pacheco has been doing trapeze for 6 years on the aerial silk and Yanni Flaherty (14) has been in trapeze for 12 years. Max Mendez has been doing trapeze a year and half on the aerial silk.

Two teachers, Alessandra Ogden and Serrana Rose, work diligently with the 10 kids, describing them as "hard-core."


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