Taos Bark: Colorado Puppy Rescue comes to Taos

By Trish Hernandez, For The Taos News
Posted 4/8/17

Dear readers,

Colorado Puppy Rescue will be in Taos this coming week and again on April 24 to pick up your puppies for transfer to Colorado foster homes. Please contact them directly from the …

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Taos Bark: Colorado Puppy Rescue comes to Taos

Dear readers, Colorado Puppy Rescue will be in Taos this coming week and again on April 24 to pick up your puppies for transfer to Colorado foster homes. Please contact them directly from the information below.
Colorado Puppy Rescue is a nonprofit animal rescue organization out of Aurora, Colorado, providing a major service to our local rescue nonprofits and our Stray Hearts Animal Shelter in Taos. For the past 15 years, CPR has arranged to pick up puppies, transferring thousands of puppies to foster care and adoption events. Th organization is a major partner in aiding Taos County in reducing our ever-growing puppy population. Do you have puppies or is your dog about to give birth? You can now arrange directly with Colorado Puppy Rescue to have your pups picked up and taken to a foster home in Colorado. Please share this information with everyone you know: family, friends and co-workers. “We at Colorado Puppy Rescue would like to expand our services,” said Kim Fallert, who’s associated with Colorado Puppy Rescue. “Owners that find themselves with puppies they are not able to place themselves can contact us directly. This will save the shelter costs associated with vaccination, housing, fostering and transport, as well as save space and possible illness exposure.” Colorado Puppy Rescue is a nonprofit, no-kill rescue dedicated to saving young puppies. “We provide love, safety and health care for our puppies while we search for their new forever family,” according to information from the organization. “A CPR puppy is always a CPR puppy. We adopt exclusively out of the Hopeful Hound adoption center in Aurora and work side by side with trainers to make your adoption experience a good one.” Since CPR fosters first opened their homes 11 years ago, the CPR community has helped rescue and find homes for over 11,000 puppies. “Our puppies come from rural shelters & rescues in Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas.The Humane Society of Deaf Smith County, Stray Hearts Animal Shelter, The Animal Welfare Coalition of Northern New Mexico, Angel Fire Animal Rescue, Conour Animal Shelter and [Walsenburg] Animal Control are just a few of our rescue partners,” wrote Fallert. “Our partner rescues and shelters transfer puppies to CPR because shelters in rural areas often do not have the funding, the facilities, the personnel, or the population to adopt.” Fallert also wrote, “Our partners contact us when our support is needed and our driver picks up the puppies. Because we pick up our puppies from shelters and rescues, we do not usually see the puppies’ parents.” The truth is that the puppies transferred to Colorado Puppy Rescue were not bred for profit. They were unwanted from the start. The organization’s partner shelters and rescues often pick up young puppies dropped off on the side of the road, find them left in boxes in front of the shelter door or accept the puppies as relinquishment.
“The moms that come in with their puppies or give birth to pups while in our care stay in foster homes with their puppies until we have found homes for the pups, her milk dries up, and she is spayed,” Fallert continued. “Then we start the process of finding her a home as well. Our moms stay in our care for several weeks after their pups find homes. We almost always have at least one adult dog in our foster system.” Fallert wrote, “Whatever the case might be, rest assured that this is a joint effort and everyone involved in the rescue process wants mom and puppies to have the best life possible. That’s why we all do this.” All puppies receive current vaccinations, deworming and kennel cough vaccine. Most puppies older than 12 weeks have received their rabies vaccine. These vaccines are just the start. Dogs need vaccines throughout their lives. For more information, contact Fallert at (303) 807-9318 or info@coloradopuppy.org There is a place for your puppy. Just pick up the phone and call for help. Contact Hernandez at taosbark@gmail.com or (575) 613-3448.


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