'Best Cuppa Joe': World Cup Cafe

Best brews and alt views


All the world is a stage and Taoseños have front row seats at World Cup Café, located in the heart of downtown on the northwest corner of the Taos Plaza intersection, 102 Paseo del Pueblo Norte.

World Cup’s clientele are first and foremost coffee and tea aficionados. That these great brews come with outstanding people-watching and “attitude” just adds more to the killer cuppas and snacks served up here from dawn til dusk, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., seven days a week.

Partners Patrick Larkin and Andrea Meyer (Love Apple’s chef/menu wizard) own World Cup. Founder Larkin says the “world” part of World Cup is a statement about the huge diversity of the world’s peoples, and incidentally about the world-class caliber of their fare. He’s pretty clear on the reasons people voted World Cup No. 1 in the 2017 Best of Taos survey.

“It’s my fantastic employees who work to supply superior coffee and service to the customers. And of course all the people who have supported us over the past 25 years,” he said, adding, “We’re totally organic and all our baked goods are made locally with 100 percent organic ingredients.” Their cheeses come from local cheesemakers Chris and Elena Pieper of Mud ’n’ Flood; their organic pastries, cookies and galettes come from Lauryn Romero’s Sweet Sol; milk and crema are by Organic Valley.

They’ve switched plant milks and now offer hemp milk only. What with all the allergies these days, this makes simple what can get very complex in the soy/gluten/vegan, and more, dietary dilemmas.

“Mainly, our thing is to do a great job at what we do and serve all comers.” They could charge and profit more, he said, but they firmly believe their pricing is the only socially responsible way to do things in this world.

With online reviewers, Americano espresso is the most-mentioned, with and without crema; the Mocha Mexicana and Mocha Borgia are close seconds; and the chocolate and creamy lattés an even third.

“It was the most delicious cup of espresso that I have ever had,” said one TripAdvisor reviewer. “They serve Gavino’s in a nice porcelain demitasse cup that they gently warmed beforehand. The crema on top was perfect.”

The staff are equally perfect, according to more than 90 percent of the reviews. Barista Marianne Fahrney has been with them for 10 years, including time off to birth and raise two babies. Fahrney’s husband/baker/chef and woodworker Chris White supplies The Good Loaf — nutrient dense, Taos-yeast bread that World Cup offers as toast, with or without slatherings of jam. Get there early if you want toast with your cup. Oh, and cash or check only.

“The very best in the West!” opined a Denverite online. “Love this place. You call it, they make it. Deeply aromatic, delectable, every drop is like gold. Their espressos are like the ones we ordered in Italy every morning. It’s mostly a locals thing, never seen a tourist in here although it’s just at the corner of Paseo and the entrance to the Plaza. There’s usually a place to park out front for the dash and grab, or a place to enjoy your brew inside or out if you’re on a bike or walking. Check out the very cool bumper stickers — au courant, usually funny, and sometimes, a little too on point (ouch!). Worth every penny!” Ah yup, attitude with every cup! For more, call (575) 737-5299.


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