A welcome from La Reina 2017, Savannah Romero

¡Bienvenidos a mi Communidad de Taos!


Muchas gracias a todas por la oportunidad y privilegio a servir como La Reina de Las Fiestas de Santiago y Santa Ana por el año dos mil diez y siete. I have been blessed with the honor of representing my family, my heritage and my home of Taos and Arroyo Seco. With the title of La Reina comes great responsibility. I, Savannah Renee Rose Mary Romero, promise to represent my community of Taos with great dignity, honor and respect. I also am honored with the opportunity to represent my small community of Arroyo Seco and my beloved church of Holy Trinity. I plan on continuing my education with the Catholic faith to better represent our community throughout Northern New Mexico. I look forward to being a role model for the children of Taos, and hopefully inspiring many to preserve the beautiful traditions of Las Fiestas! The town of Taos is a rich multicultural community that makes it unique in its own way. I appreciate the multicultural traditions within Taos County, and look forward to being able to participate in other events around town.

I want to also take the time to congratulate mis princesas, Ariana Baca, Mariana Jimenez-Gonzales y Gabriella Perez. You three beautiful, kindhearted, lovely young ladies will proudly represent our community by my side for the next year. I know within this year we will grow irreplaceable friendships and unforgettable memories along the way. Through the short time we have spent together, I can’t help but feel like we've already built a sisterly bond no one but us four can explain. I look forward to spreading our love and light around Northern New Mexico as the Royal Court of 2017.

The theme for Las Fiestas de Santiago y Santa Ana this year is, “God, Family, Friends, Community . . . Las Fiestas de Taos!" In honor of this year's theme, I would like to ask the community of Taos to continue putting God first in everything they do. With God’s direction anything is possible. I would also like to suggest to the community of Taos to cherish the relationships in their life, whether it is with family or friends. God, family and friends are the foundation of the strong community of Taos. I would like to also invite the entire community to come out to the Taos Plaza and celebrate Las Fiestas de Santiago y Santa Ana on July 21-23.

I would like to thank the three judges for the 2017 Fiestas Pageant — Maria Archuleta, Everett Romero and Barb Wiard. Thank you for allowing me the privilege of representing our community of Taos. I hope to make you proud. Thank you to all my family, friends and sponsors for helping me get to live my childhood dream, without all of your support this would have not been possible.

I would like to take the time to thank a couple of individuals. First, to my biggest fans, my parents, Daniel and Nicole Romero. Momma, without your guidance through life I would not have been the woman I am today. I love you with all my heart and I truly appreciate everything you do for me, you are honestly my best friend. Dad, thank you for always reminding me of where I come from. Without your lessons of my family history, I would have not been able to understand the importance of the Hispanic heritage in my life. I love you. Thank you to my paternal grandparents, Dan and Renee Romero, you two have always been there for me and always supported me in everything I do. I love you. To maternal grandparents, Diana DeHerrera, you have shown me so much love in my 18 years of life and taught me that family always comes first. I love you. Also to my grandpa, the late Nick Cisneros, I wish you could be here to see the person I have become in hopes that I would’ve made you proud. To my little brother, Daniel, thank you for believing in me the most and being my rock. I hope I continue being an inspiration and making you proud. I love you. To my Nina Danette and Tio David Quintana, with your guidance and love through everything I do we have built an irreplaceable bond. Thank you for guiding me in both life and my faith. I love you guys so much. To my Tia Stephanie Romero-Saavedra, La Reina de Taos 2004, you have been an incredible inspiration in everything I do. I promise to represent the community of Taos as well as you did. To my best friends, Mariano Martinez and Laura Thomas, thank you two for pushing me out of my comfort zone and helping me achieve my dream. Sonya Silva-Baca, thank you for the years of enjoyment through dance. I appreciate your love and support. Lastly, I would like to thank the Taos Fiesta Council for your support of me and mis princesas. I’m positive we will represent the community well, and we will never be able to say thank you enough.

¡Que vivan Las Fiestas!

Savannah Renee Rose Mary Romero, La Reina de Las Fiestas de Taos 2017


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