A farewell from La Reina 2016, Marissa Vigil

¡Bienvenidos Familia y Amigos de Taos!


My past year was full of laughter, joy, new experiences, friendships and memories to last a lifetime. Sadly, my reign as La Reina de Las Fiestas de Santiago y Santana por el año dos mil diez y seis is coming to an end. I was honored to represent my community, heritage and culture in a positive manner as La Reina de Taos. I was blessed to share such memorable, uplifting and impressionable memories with my Princesas Angel, Julia and Justine. I truly feel blessed to have made some lasting friendships with such wonderful, smart and beautiful individuals.

I would like to first thank my mom, Marla Vigil, for her continued support and love during my reign. You have always held my hand through all my joys and tears. To my grandparents Rick and Nadine Vigil, thank you for following me to each event, supporting me and making sure my endless list of necessities was always met. Your hard work and long nights are very appreciated. To my brother and sister, thank you for your patience and support, and making me feel like I was an inspiration to the both of you.

To my Nina Amanda Arellano and Aunt Karen Arellano, thank you for attending the events with me and my family. I appreciate you for supporting my journey and love you always. Thank you to my Aunt and Uncle Tanya and David Sena, for being supportive of all my decisions, quest and endeavors.You have been by my side every step of the way allowing me to feel free and proud, and that I truly have made an impact during my reign.

To my Great-Grandparents Jose and Ernestina Vigil, thank you for keeping me focused on my path of what it is to be La Reina, — representing my family, my faith and my community proudly with the same lasting values you have instilled in our own family. You two are an inspiration to me and I am proud to have shown you a new world, and comfort zone (ha ha).

To my caballero, Omar Hernandez, there are no words that can explain the graciousness I feel for having you by my side during this wonderful time. You were truly my rock, my supporter and my biggest fan. Your love and eagerness to always make sure I was taken care of, had a smile on my face and that we all had a wonderful time is very much appreciated.

To my princesas and their cabellaros, thank you for the ever-lasting friendships, and core memories that will last a lifetime, I could not have chosen a better group of women and gentlemen to share this experience with me.

Elma, Sonya and Vangie, you three ladies have been the largest support of all. Without you, the Fiesta Council and this wonderful tradition, it would not be possible for our community's little girls' dreams of one day being La Reina de Taos, to become a reality. Through this beautiful and respected tradition that you continue to keep alive, you gave me the opportunity to fulfill my dream, and I thank you for that. I am very grateful. Sonya, during this experience you have been like a big sister, always leading us down the right path, sharing advice and preparing us for what was to come. Elma, thank you for your loving support, smile and positive attitude. You always made the experience fun and enjoyable. Vangie, thank you for being our protector. You always kept us safe, on point and made me feel that we were true royalty, and were something to be respected and looked up to. I adore you. Thank you again for joining me in this journey. I have learned so much from you and respect your role in my life. You have made a lasting impression in my life forever. I will never forget you.

Thank you to the surrounding fiesta courts and communities for inviting us to share in your traditions and celebrations. Finally, to the community of Taos, thank you for accepting me as your Reina with open arms. I am truly honored to have represented our culture, and tight-knit family-oriented town of Taos. I hope that I have served you well and represented you in a positive and inspiring manner. Thank you for supporting my court and me with your donations, prayers and loving actions.

Most importantly, I would like to thank God. Through him, my dreams have been fulfilled, my happiness has overflowed, and I have felt the purest of loves. With his protective hand, he has allowed me to have an experience of a lifetime. Through this past path he has chosen for me, I have matured in my faith and personal life, which I can never repay. He is my truth, my savior and my one-and-only judge to whom I will forever be indebted. Thank you all.

¡Que vivan Las Fiestas! Muchisimas gracias a todos y que Dios los bendiga.

Con mucho carino,

Marissa Josette Vigil, La Reina de Las Fiestas de Taos 2016



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