How hard is it to save the Earth?

Isabela Martinez/Taos NewsFrom left: Ariana Aguilar and Emily Bravo listen to Michael Mills, who was among those representing the oil and gas industry, during a World Climate Simulation in which groups acted as different countries or special interests to hammer out a deal on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The event took place at UNM-Taos on Saturday (Sept. 14).
On Sept. 14, minister Dave Wasserman led a World Climate Change Simulation for 60 adults and teens at University of New Mexico-Bataan Hall in Taos. This simulation has been played …

Taos Ride Photo Contest

Grab your camera and show off your favorite car, van, truck or cycle!
The orphaned black bear cub rescued by the Snowballs crew from Taos Pueblo who recovered from his burns to become the face of an ad campaign to prevent fire fires.

Finding Smokey

It was a typical spring day in 1950 for a fire tower operator in New Mexico’s Capitan Mountains in Lincoln National Forest near Alamogordo. Then everything changed. He spotted smoke wafting …
Brad Pitt stars as astronaut Roy McBride in 'Ad Astra.'

Now showing in Taos: ‘Ad Astra’

In the new movie directed by Gary Gray, “Ad Astra” (“to the stars” in Latin), Brad Pitt stars as Roy McBride, a straight-ahead astronaut borne of “The Right Stuff” era when test pilots were chosen for their nerves of steel ...

Figs: A nutritional powerhouse

Patricia West-BarkerFor The Taos News"What fruit has the eye of a widow and wears the cloak of a beggar?" asks an old Spanish riddle. Answer: A really ripe fig, when the oculus on its bottom opens …
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Taos walks for suicide awareness

Taos community members gathered Wednesday (September 18) to bring awareness to suicide and the steps to prevention.  The Walk for Life began at Kit Carson Park with a gathering of teens and …

Taos Opinions
Opinion: 'Pocha Nostra' feedback
Why allow such trash at a public event? We didn't go this year, but the videos speak for themselves. Why? Trashy! Not classy.
Opinion: The end of humanity?
Most of us know that we are facing a crisis in terms of global warming.As we pump more and more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, it …
Opinion: Get involved, make voice heard regarding Carson National Forest forest plan
Whether you're passionate about pursuing Río Grande cutthroat trout, an annual deer or elk hunt with family and friends, or you just …
Opinion: La Pocha Nostra exhibit did exactly what it was supposed to do
By Lindsey Lozen I believe that the La Pocha Nostra exhibit did exactly what it was supposed to do as good art should always do; …
Opinion: Demand transparency, accountability from LANL
As you know, many Taoseños from around the county are pleased that the town adopted Resolution 19-22 last May. Many more will sign on …
Opinion: Forest plan can do more to protect water and wildlife
Whether you’re passionate about pursuing Rio Grande cutthroat trout, an annual deer or elk hunt with family and friends, or you just …
La Vida

Austrian wine industry survives invasions, disease and dilution

Wine grapes have been grown in what is now Austria for thousands of years, cultivated by Celtic tribes even before the Romans infiltrated the region. And with a history that long, there have to have …

Tempo Arts & Entertainment
Taos Star Guide
Luna’s last quarter moon phase peaks on Saturday (Sept. 21) at 7:40 p.m. Then, on Sunday (Sept. 22), the annual Libra equinox …
Garifuna Collective keeps Belizean music alive
The Garifuna Collective is based in Belize and made up of more than 50 musicians of varied generations who strive to express and keep …
Printmakers create a superb impression
Much like the "first impression" we make on others upon a first meeting, the first impressions made from a block of wood or a metal …
Taos Fall Arts celebrates 45 years of artistic excellence
The excitement in Taos is palpable every year, anticipating opening night of the Taos Fall Arts Festival. The opening reception and …
'Armond Lara Extravaganza' comes to town
A special exhibition is coming our way. FaraHNHeight Fine Art in collaboration with Revolt Gallery is "honored and enthusiastic" to …
NeoRio embraces science with creativity
NeoRio offers thought-provoking art installations right on the rim of the Río Grande gorge, along with a farm-to-table feast, poetry …
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Taos Composite mountain bike team compete in first two races of season

Taos Composite High School Mountain Bike Team entered its fifth season with some top performances at two races.Colorado League's South ConferenceThe team took 10 athletes to the first race on Aug. 25 …

Rio Grande Water Level

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Podcasts read by Larry Torres

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