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Editorial: Addressing addiction vital to community health

Inside The Taos News this week you will find an 8-page special report about heroin and opioid addiction in Taos County and Northern New Mexico.

Editorial: Municipal elections ahead, get informed

The filing deadline for candidates interested in the positions of Taos mayor, two council seats and municipal judge has passed.

Editorial: Your family-owned, hometown newspaper thanks you

As 2018 gets underway, we just want to say how fortunate we feel to bring you, dear readers, the stories, people and events in Taos, Taos County and Northern New Mexico. It is a region filled with …

Editorial: A look back

As we leave 2017 behind and say bienvenidos to 2018, it is worth taking stock of the year and some notable moments.In this week’s edition, we bring you a look back at a lot of them – from …

Editorial: Students speak up, get heard

Vista Grande High School sophomores River Trujillo and Elias Suazo had a problem with Columbus Day, so they’ve done something about it.

Letter: Impressed with Taos

Dear friends:As my wife and I ready to leave the East Coast and move into our new home in Taos...

Letter: A heartfelt thank you from Stray Hearts

As 2017 comes to a close, we at the Humane Society of Taos, doing business as Stray Hearts Animal Shelter, want to thank our many donors, volunteers, all of the fantastic local businesses who …

Letter: Ban gunfire on New Year's Eve

When I was a kid, we celebrated New Year’s at midnight by banging pots and pans with metal spoons.

Letter: Remaining of service

It is with great pleasure that I am announcing my intent to run for the position of Mayor for the Village of Questa. I will bring an honest, transparent, and forward looking approach to the position. …

Letter: Get the lard out

I enjoy biscocitos just as much as all New Mexicans. However promoting lard and sugar in your headlines (is) very unhealthy. Many Taoseños are already facing diabetes and high …

Letter: School attempting to shift blame

The Questa School Board President states that “because of all those costs that took place two, three, four, five years ago, it’s costing the district right now.”

Letter: Kids need better psychiatric centers

It is no wonder we have a huge problem of mental health here in the state of New Mexico.

Letter: If Sir Doyle could write a book today...

Republicans agree that it was fine when the 2000 election was thrown to Bush when the Supreme Court (oops) forgot their Federalism, to empower he who started the war in Iraq, he who prints pictures …

Letter: Housing crisis affects many

Taos is not the only place! It’s no secret that there is a housing crisis all over the United States.

Letter: llinois students curious about Taos

The fourth grade at Aviston Elementary, located in southern Illinois, is learning about the United States and the different environments, climates, resources and highlights found in each region.

Letter: Anti-vaccine letter should have been advertisement

I’m surprised that you published an advertisement in the form of a “letter” from an anti-vaccine advocate. Despite your links to CDC and other government data, the letter should …

Letter: Lost headstone found

In response to the Nov. 9, 17’ KG Fellers letter: The grave and headstone of Edgar Conrad has been located in Sierra Vista Cemetery. The grave is in a peaceful and undisturbed location …
My Turn

Opinion: Which God? Old testament or New?

Some people read the Bible as allegory, which means to use fictional figures to express actions and truths about human existence.

Opinion: For everything, there is a season

Although many may regard our mayor, Dan Barrone, as likeable and generally well-intended, Taos deserves much more than likability and good intentions.

Opinion: Facts are, we need a change

You deserve a choice and an administration with a vision, so I have decided to run for Mayor.

Without Reservations

Opinion: Speaking up for population of silenced voices

Recently, a (Taos) Plaza merchant said that he had not heard anything good about me. What an interesting comment.
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