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Even after six months, my daughter would hide under the chair when her speech teacher would come to escort her to class for her 30-minute session. Mila is the youngest of our three children. She is very shy and has struggled with articulation. We started her speech classes early. It took a while, but little by little, her speech teacher and I saw improvements. more
Emily, my dearest wife of 37 years, died today (Jan. 9) at 4:30 pm. Today is our 37th anniversary and she died around the time we were married by a judge at the Thurston County Courthouse 37 years ago. more
New Mexico is currently deciding the fate of recreational public access on a large percentage of rivers and streams. A recent opinion by the attorney general has landowners outraged at the possibility that the public may have access to waters flowing through their lands. more
"Special" indeed was the Dec. 30, 2019 Taos County Board of Commissioners special meeting. The commissioners had the sole power to appoint Taos County's (District 42) member of the New Mexico House of Representatives. more
The reckless President Donald J. Trump may have blown any chance he had for reelection. His headstrong and heedless assassination of a top Iranian general and his staff was surely done against the advice of American generals, who knew the Iranians would be honor-bound to retaliate. more
Growing up in Taos, we were always outside playing, riding our bikes from one park to the other. Inevitably, we would find ourselves at the "Dips" - the arroyos where a lot of us congregated and competed for the best trick, longest jump or best ride. It was a place we ruled, where we had to negotiate and problem-solve our own issues, a place where we grew up in many different ways. more
Not only is 2019 over but so is the decade of the 2010s. It was not a very good one for either the United States or the world as a whole. Its dominant themes were the vast destruction (and denial of) global climate change, American mass shootings, the worldwide refugee-immigrant crisis and the retreat of democracy before the rule of corrupt strongmen. I'm sure readers can add to this list and I wouldn't deny them the opportunity. more
Across the state of New Mexico, towns and communities are celebrating economic growth, development of new businesses, new jobs created and new opportunity on the horizon. The reason is simple -- we are experiencing increases in tourism due to destination promotion. more
I truly thought things were getting better until I ran into racism out in the open here in Taos. I was talking to a new acquaintance, who is a person of color. We found we had many things in common, including our professions, when a man rounded the corner and started mumbling, then raising his voice said, "Damn n---ers," and walked on. more
Beginning in 2018, a group of concerned community members issued a series of public statements regarding the Abeyta Settlement Implementation Plan. The purpose was to foster public awareness and raise legitimate concerns about potential negative cultural and environmental impacts of the implementation plan. more
The Taos County Commission chamber was about half-full last week as citizens heard presentations from four candidates running to represent District 42 in the State House of Representatives. more
In many parts of Taos County, including where we live, everyone is on private wells without access to municipal water. We also have access to an acequia, of which I am a parciante and active user. I am very concerned about the "Mutual Benefits projects" (which in my opinion actually benefit very few people) for several reasons. more
Thank you, Carlos Miera, for your recent My Turn ("State settles with five behavioral health providers," Dec. 19) in which you speak out for the integrity of the mental health providers in the state, which were accused of fraud during the governorship of Susanna Martinez. more
My wife and I have been to the Holy Cross Hospital in Taos, both emergency room and hospital, many times. The medical service is first class, and we as a town and county should be proud of it and support it. There is a problem, however, with their finances, as we all read in recent issues of the Taos News. more
Climate science is still evolving - earth's climate is cyclic, and forcing models aren't set in stone. Yet, the more strident the voices, and the more dire, immediate and universal the threat, the louder the call is for us to quickly surrender to antidemocratic solutions that are ill considered and likely ineffective. more
Expanding on the Taos News' recent article about booksellers ("Taos is very much a book town," Dec. 5), may I offer a few additional suggestions for local bibliophiles? Though not exclusively bookstores, any of these would reward a visit. more
As of September 2019, recycling glass and plastic are no longer available for Taos consumers. I decided to investigate - why not? more
I would like to announce that I am officially seeking the endorsement of the Taos County Board of County Commissioners for the New Mexico House of Representatives, filling the seat for District 42 previously held by the Honorable Roberto "Bobby" Gonzales. more
Here we go again. Once again, I find myself dropping the other work of our organization to respond to willful misinformation about Amigos Bravos in Jerry Yeargin's "My Turn" in the Dec. 12 edition of the Taos News ("Phase out livestock grazing in La Jara Canyon"). more
It is very tempting to be pulled into the Trump phenomenon, but I believe it is about much more than an individual named Donald J. Trump. He is merely the ball we are kicking around for reasons that go much deeper than this individual. However, he seems to have just the right qualities needed for unconscious, emotional projections. more
In case some of you missed it, the New Mexico Human Services Department issued a press release on Dec. 3 informing the public that a settlement agreement had been reached with the five remaining behavioral health providers that were "falsely" accused of fraud for overbilling Medicaid by the Martinez administration in 2013. more
All of us at Stray Hearts Animal Shelter are so grateful for the enthusiastic response we've gotten from the whole community for our new venture, Stray Hearts ReTails. more
The specialists at Amigos Bravos have been promoting the odd theory that the big problem on the upper Río Fernando is that the river channel itself is causing the riparian pasture to dry out. That seems like a case of blaming the victim. more
Like so many American children, I looked forward to Christmas all year. I loved hearing my mother’s beautiful voice singing “O Holy Night” during Christmas Eve service. I treasured the bustle of warmth and love that filled our home as friends and family gathered to celebrate together. That countdown to Christmas morning started with finding the perfect Christmas tree. more
Just prior to the 2018 election, and two years into the Trump administration, I argued that we had seen quite enough. To my thinking, as rote enablers of a lawless president, Republican Party officeholders and candidates deserved blanket indictment. more
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