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As the school semester and 2019 come to a close, we at Taos Behavioral Health wish to express our appreciation to the community and our partners for the robust growth we have experienced. more
As students decide where to pursue college or vocational programs, our goal is to help them identify a healthy range of schools in regard to admissions selectivity and affordability. We encourage every student to apply to at least one in-state program. more
It's never too early to start planning for the future. Lupita Morgas of Talpa takes this idea to heart as she ponders her own future. "My last day of work was Wednesday, Nov. 27, the day before Thanksgiving. I've retired, and while I help assist with my mother, I'll have more time to do so and other activities at this time. My future includes my continuation of craft fair participation once a year and in December, assuming the position of Talpa Community Center director," said Morgas of the upcoming changes in her life. more
El día había comenzado un poco strange: The day started out sunny, y luego se hizo windy and then it started to rain y finalmente it began to snow. Grama Cuca looked out the window and she remarked: "Only aquí en Nuevo México podemos hacer experience all four seasons todas in one day." more
Did you know Taos County has one of the highest percentages of children living in poverty? According to New Mexico Voices for Children, approximately one in every three Taos County children live in poverty. more
Dear Dr. Ted: Not long ago, my father died, and I noticed at the beginning, our family got along really well. About a month or two afterwards, we began to not get along and seemed to separate into different directions in our lives and our grief process. This saddens me as I was hoping we would walk with one another after our father's death. Is it common that families get along and then seem to blow out? Thanks, Margo more
The ebb and flow of Stray Hearts is reported to the Taos News each week. Curious how many dogs or cats are being held in the facility? more
This holiday season, don't you wish for an events planner, or at least a person who can design a floral arrangement to adorn your holiday table? Wouldn't it be nice to give thanks this Thanksgiving Day for some extra help? In Taos, one such helper is Margaret Palmer. more
Sharing custody of children during holidays can be the most stressful aspect of what is hoped to be a happy, loving time for family. more
"We wanted to provide a safe and calming place for community members to relax and support their own healing," said Katia Torrelli Delgado, licensed marriage and family therapist and director of the Family Center at Taos Behavioral Health. more
As many of us are honoring Thanksgiving this week, I felt it was a perfect opportunity to explore the idea of gratitude and healing. My hope is that people will take time to remember the different reasons to find gratitude in their life. more
On Oct. 29, the Taos town administration ordered the cutting and death of the great and venerable tree that had stood strongly in place in the center of the Taos Plaza for more than a century. more
Sor María acababa de desaparecerse de entre las manos del Gran Inquisidor en España. Sobre las manos de los ángeles se halló otra vez transportada hacia el Nuevo Mundo.A penas … more
Dear Dr. Ted: 'Tis the season to be jolly has hit me like a fist in my belly. Why is it that I'm already anticipating a difficult emotional roller coaster as the holidays arrive? This year I had a loved one die and all I can think of is her every time there is hint of the holidays. Why is it that this happens? more
Sister María had just disappeared from the grasp of the Grand Inquisitor of Spain. She had found herself transported to the New World borne by the hands of angels. more
Building on the last four years of reinvestment, Taos Ski Valley continues to improve its amenities and infrastructure to give our guests the best possible experience. more
When a person enters the Executive Department of the town of Taos, the first face one sees and the first voice one hears is that of executive assistant Cathy T. Romero. more
Stitch is an American blue heeler mix who is looking for a running and play partner. Is that you? more
A Google search about how to approach college and scholarship essays will yield so many results it will make your head spin. There is such noise surrounding this step - it is almost debilitating. Students and parents alike agonize over what might be the catchiest topics, but there are no right or wrong subjects. more
'There must be something in the atmosphere. We have had one crisis after another with our clients at school this week," commented a Taos Behavioral Health professional in late October. Youth receiving TBH services are deeply impacted by the security of familiar routines - regular schedules, healthy food at a stable schedule, time with familiar friends and family. The holidays tend to disrupt all those supports. more
"What the hell happened here?" exclaimed the Grand Inquisitor Luis de Aliaga, exasperatedly. Sister María of Ágreda had changed herself into a mist and disappeared from his clutches. "I am certain that that witch-nun has already flown through the air far away from this place. That wretched enchantress must already be flying in her magic tin washtub, talking to evil spirits and to her ghostly animal totems." more
This column seeks to help educate our community about emotional healing through grief. People may write questions to Golden Willow Retreat and they will be answered privately to you and possibly as a future article for others. Please list a first name that grants permission for printing. more
Since ancient times, planet Mercury has been shrouded in mystery primarily because it's so close to the sun that relatively few earthlings have seen it. more
Suddenly the heavy main door to the chamber opened. Three people entered with lowered heads and measured steps to the sound of a drum. The first two were wearing loose, white vestments that made them seem blurry among the shadows. Their heads were covered with pointed hoods that hid their identity. more
Hoy tengo una sorpresa para todos ustedes: ninguna queja, nada negativo. Solo quiero compartir con ustedes tres experiencias que tuve recientemente en Taos que son bellas y contribuyen a que Taos brille no solo con el sol sino ambién con actividades que atraen a grandes grupos de todas partes. more
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